Evangelist Church Bishop Face Deportation Out of Jerusalem

24.02.11 – 17:06

Maysa Abu Ghazala – PNN Exclusive- the Israeli ministry of Interior still refuses to renew the Jerusalem residency permission of Evangelist Church Bishop, Suhail Doany.


Evangelist Church Bishop, Suhail Doany

The story began last year when the ministry of Interior accused  Bishop Doany of faking papers that transfer land in Jerusalem from Jewish owners to Palestinian ones and there for it refuses to renew his Jerusalem residency permission.

In a phone interview with PNN, Bishop Doany, denied the Israeli allegations. He appealed the ministry’s decision in the court.

Bishop Doany explained that since he was appointed the Evangelist Church Bishop in Jerusalem in 2007 he was given residency permission by the Israeli government. Last August the Israeli ministry of Interior refused to renew the permission claiming he misused his post in illegal activity.

Palestinian human right groups have warned of the deportation policy the Israeli state uses against Palestinian religious and political leaders in Jerusalem. Last year Israel decided to deport four Palestinian MPs due to claims of lack of loyalty to Israel. The same law is often used by the Israeli Authorities to force Palestinians out of the old city of Jerusalem.

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