Resistance: Fatah calls for the overthrow of Hamas reflect internal disorder

[ 23/02/2011 – 08:48 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Resistance forces in Palestine say erratic PA calls inciting residents of the Gaza Strip to rise up against Hamas infer that Fatah is not serious about national reconciliation.

Fatah Central Committee member Azzam al-Ahmed recently accused Hamas of perpetuating the national split and called on the strip to overthrow the party which rules there.

In conflicting earlier statements, Senior Palestinian official Nabil Shaath had recently made renewed reconciliation calls with Hamas, and de facto Prime Minister in Ramallah, Salam Fayyad, made other calls for a unity government including Hamas.

“There is no unity of opinion in Fatah but only disorder and no clear position,” said Hamas leader Ismail Radwan. “The aim is to save the possible collapse of the Fatah government in the West Bank after the Al-Jazeera documents and changes occurring amid continued security cooperation with Israel and failed wagers on the US to solve the issue.”

Oslo Accords perpetuating the split

“The one who perpetuates the split is the one who is interested in security coordination with Israel and maintains political exclusion and security persecution of Hamas leaders and elements in the West Bank,” Radwan said.

“Fatah is not serious about reconciliation, through its actions and practices in the West Bank,” he added, referring to the political detention of hundreds of Hamas supporters.

The split will be healed by voiding the Oslo Accords which recognize Israeli statehood, said Al-Najah University political science professor Abdul-Sattar Qasim.

“My view since 1988 was that recognizing and negotiating with Israel would involve Palestinian fighting,” Professor Qasim said. “I said at the time that handshakes with Israel would end handshakes inside Palestine and would lead to Palestinian bloodshed.”
“The entire people of Palestine want to end the split. I don’t think there is a Palestinian who wants to remain divided, except if someone is personally gaining something from the situation.”

“There are those who promote the end of division in good faith and out of love for Palestine, and there are those who promote it in bad faith…The Oslo [Accords undersigners] promote the slogan to escape responsibility of damages to the Palestinians resulting from their doings over the past dark years.”

Resistance: Fatah calls for the overthrow of Hamas reflect internal disorder.

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