Sheikh Qaradawi urges putting a stop to Gaddafi’s war crimes

[ 22/02/2011 – 01:52 PM ]


DOHA, (PIC)– Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradawi, the head of the international union of Muslim scholars, has issued a fatwa permitting the killing of Libyan leader Muammar Al-Qaddafi to stop him committing more war crimes against Libyan protestors.

Describing Gaddafi as a deranged man, Sheikh Qaradawi urged Libyan military forces not to obey the Libyan leader’s orders to fire at Libyan protesters.

In a live interview on Al-Jazeera satellite channel on Monday, the Muslim scholar said whoever can fire a bullet at Al-Gaddafi should do so.

He further called on the Libyan people to unite in the face of oppression.

In another context, Israeli ministry of strategic affairs Moshe Ya’alon described in a broadcast statement that the recent developments taking place in the Arab world as a historic earthquake which Israel should be cautious of its future implications on its security.

The Hebrew radio said on Monday that Ya’alon advised the Israeli government to see these events in the Arab countries as threats to its existence.

Sheikh Qaradawi urges putting a stop to Gaddafi’s war crimes.

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