Shin Bet investigators sexually assault minor

[ 23/02/2011 – 10:00 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– According to a testimony lawyers took during a visit, a Palestinian minor detained in the Israeli Etzion prisons said Shin Bet investigators attempted to sexually assault him.

After the incident the investigators bargained to release the victim for a confession, the lawyers said, adding that they threatened to sexually assault him another time if he refused to detail the names of individuals who threw stones at Israeli patrol cars.

Israel has detained many Palestinian minors in small cells and denied them the right to family visits, Palestinian sources say.

The majority were arrested while playing in the roads, outside of school or during house raids, the sources add.

Several human rights organizations have confirmed that Israeli investigators and prison authorities have used sexual harassment and psychological pressure against minors.

The sources also say the detained children are neglected medically like the older detainees. There are about 30 ill minors in Israeli prisons.

Shin Bet investigators sexually assault minor.

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