Woman accuses Mossad after husband went missing in Ukraine

[ 24/02/2011 – 11:56 AM ]


KIEV, (PIC)– A Ukrainian woman has pointed the finger at the Israeli Mossad after the suspicious disappearance of her husband on February 18.

Dirar Abu Seesi, chief operating officer of the Gaza Strip’s power station, had gone missing while taking the train during a visit to Ukraine, the local Raed media center reported.

“I accuse the Mossad of kidnapping my husband because I know all Palestinians are targeted,” Abu Seesi’s wife Aqila said, adding that her husband has no political ties.

“My husband shares no hostility with any figures in Palestine or the Ukraine, and he’s not wealthy or a big businessman so that he would be abducted by a gang,” she said.

According to Raed, the operator of the train where Abu Seesi was last seen as well as another employee had made statements that two hours after departure two unidentified plain-clothed men produced security IDs and escorted Abu Seesi off the train. But the witnesses later switched accounts under pressure from local police denying a train abduction that night.

According to rights activist in the Ukraine, there are no cooperation agreements between the Ukrainian intelligence and its Israeli counterpart the Mossad. He stressed that if the latter was behind Abu Seesi’s disappearance, it would raise a number of questions regarding the Mossad’s activities in the Ukraine.

Woman accuses Mossad after husband went missing in Ukraine.

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