Jewish vandals set fire to car in Burin amid attacks

[ 26/02/2011 – 09:41 AM ]


NABLUS, (PIC)– Jewish settlers have attacked the south Nablus village of Burin setting fire to a car amid a fierce outbreak of similar assaults.

A gang of Jews from the Yitzhar settlement, south of Burin, infiltrated the town Saturday and set fire to the yard and closely parked car of Palestinian man Bashir al-Zein before the flames were extinguished.

Jews from Yitzhar, built in 1983 on private Palestinian property taken south of the village, had set ablaze a bulldozer belonging to Ibrahim Ishtayeh earlier Friday morning.

On Friday evening in the village of Al-Mughayyar northeast of Ramallah, settlers vandalized a large area of wheat crops belonging to Palestinians.

The assailants from the nearby Adi Ad settlement used a tractor to spray the farmlands with toxic chemicals under protection from the Israeli army, witnesses said.

Tens of thousands of square meters of land had been damaged by chemicals in similar previous attacks.

Settlers reportedly have interests in the land.

Jewish vandals set fire to car in Burin amid attacks.

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