MP Ashkar: Changes after Arab upheaval in favor of Palestinians

[ 26/02/2011 – 04:43 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Deputy chairman of the Change and Reform bloc in the Palestinian Legislative Council Ismail Al-Ashkar said revolutions sweeping Arab nations will cause major positive changes to the Palestinian cause.

With the collapse of the alleged peace process and disband of the Arab quartet, there will be major changes to the Oslo peace accords, he said.

He called on Oslo accords under signers to admit to peace process failures and make reforms to the shot-calling PLO that would disallow concessions on Palestinian rights.

The statement came during an open meeting staged by the general union of youth organizations last Thursday including representatives from the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine and Fatah.

The power shift in the region will be in the Palestinians’ interest whether directly or indirectly, said Change and Reform bloc representative Mushir al-Masri.

He added that the Palestinian Authority in Ramallah was going through a political crisis amid repercussions following the revolutionary wave in the region and leaked documents revealing unprecedented concessions on land and the refugees’ right to return.

MP Ashkar: Changes after Arab upheaval in favor of Palestinians.

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