UNICEF report says Israel killed 11 children in 2010

[ 26/02/2011 – 07:53 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– UNICEF released Friday a report illustrating Israel’s abuse of Palestinian children in 2010, highlighting the killing of 11 and wounding of 360.

The UN Children’s Fund is the UN’s only agency devoted to the welfare of children and releases annual reports detailing its works and challenges.

The report says Israeli security forces opened fire on poor Gazan children collecting debris in the buffer zone Israel has set up on the border with Gaza.

Three separate incidents were reported where children were used as human shields. A 16-year-old girl and a 14-year-old boy were sent in as decoys during Nablus home searches. Another boy was forced to walk ahead to shield an army force as it was being stoned during clashes in Al-Khalil.

The report adds that 213 children were placed in military detention that year and that 1,267 criminal files were opened against suspected stone-throwers in East Jerusalem, according to Israeli data.

It also says sexual violence was used against 14 minors including a girl in Israeli detention.

In 2010, Israeli prisons were rife with torture against minors, the report documents. 75 incidents were reported where cuffs and blindfolds were used for extensive periods. 62 children reported they were beaten, and 35 said they were tied strenuously from the rear. 16 others were placed in isolation. Four children had said they were threatened to be electrically shocked during investigations before making confessions under duress.

299 children were made homeless after the demolition of 133 houses across the Palestinian territories the same year, and 24 attacks on schools damaging structures and disrupting education as well as 40 obstructions had affected more than 60,000 students. A large part of those obstructions were military road blocks set up by the Israeli army for search operations.


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