Jihad slams Lebanese gov’t for changing law concerning Palestinian refugees

[ 27/02/2011 – 01:29 PM ]


BEIRUT, (PIC)– The Islamic Jihad Movement said that the amendment made to the law of labor and social security in Lebanon only serves the policy of resettlement that is rejected by the Palestinian people, calling on the Lebanese government and parliament to reconsider this law.

In a press release on Saturday, Islamic Jihad emphasized that this decision would augment the suffering of Palestinian refugees in Lebanon and increase their financial and social burdens.

It stressed the need for giving the Palestinian refugees full rights in order to confront all conspiracies aimed at resettling them in Lebanon.

The Movement criticized Lebanese minister of labor Boutros Harb for deciding to bring the law of Palestinian labor into effect, noting that the law, regardless of the media propaganda about it, was disappointing to the Palestinian refugees and did not meet their minimum rights.

The Movement underscored that the adoption of the refugees’ just rights is the only step that could strengthen their steadfastness in the face of resettlement schemes and fait accompli policies.

Jihad slams Lebanese gov’t for changing law concerning Palestinian refugees.

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