Khater: Coming tourism conference marks Israeli success in Judaizing Jerusalem

[ 27/02/2011 – 06:28 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Secretary-General of the Islamic-Christian Commission Dr. Hassan Khater has said an Israeli tourism conference to be held in Jerusalem the coming month marks Israel’s success in promoting the holy city as a capital for all Jews.

Israel will stage a conference running from February 29 until March 31 that promotes Jewish tourism in Jerusalem. It is also behind a virtual reality website that shows Jerusalem without its Arab features.

It means success for Israel in promoting Jerusalem as its capital and imposing this lie on participating countries based on the changed reality on the ground, Khater said.

Such a conference exposes Israel’s intentions to instill that Jerusalem is the capital for the Jews and not just Israel, Khater added, warning that world silence could weaken UN decisions protecting the holy city and entice thousands of Jews to migrate to Jerusalem.

The Islamic-Christian Commission works to protect Jerusalem’s Muslim and Christian features against Judaiziation pursued by the Israeli occupation.

Khater: Coming tourism conference marks Israeli success in Judaizing Jerusalem.

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