Israel benefiting from Arab disruption

PressTV –  Mon Feb 28, 2011 2:42PM
Interview with Ashraf Shannon, commentator in Gaza.


An Isreali Air force Jet firing a rocket.
Amid Israel stepping up its air and ground strikes on the besieged coastal strip, a string of air raids has targeted several cities in Gaza, one of the strikes left 4 Palestinians wounded including a toddler.

In this regard Press TV interviewed Ashraf Shannon, Press TV correspondent in Gaza.

Press TV: To tell us a little bit more on this issue I’m joined by Ashraf Shannon standing by in the Gaza strip, Ashraf tell us what’s happening?

Shannon: Yes Arash, about this evening, Israeli forces made a brief incursion east of Gaza city where fighters from the Islamist jihads military wing the ‘Al Quds Brigades’ confronted them. Immediately Israeli airplanes where appointed to the area and fired a number of rockets at the Palestinian fighters killing one, two more are hospitalized, one of them in critical condition.

Press TV:And do we know why these attacks are happening every once in a while?

Shannon: Well I’ve spoken to analysts here in Gaza and some of them say that the Israeli forces are taking a chance now that the world media is preoccupied with the awakening, or the uprisings, the revolutions in the Arab world and Israel is taking advantage of that to attack the Gaza strip and make escalation against its people.

Press TV: And Ashraf one more thing that I’m always very interested to ask you specially is about the living conditions that you guys have there in the Gaza strip, tell us what has been happening on that front?

Shannon: Well there is daily struggles with continues power outages, lack of heating and cooking gas. Economists and experts expect things will only get worse in the coming weeks as Israel has decided to shut down one of the two commercial crossings in to Gaza strip permanently. We already have shortages in many things and many basic supplies; with the closure of that crossing, it will only mean more pressure on the people of Gaza.


PressTV – Israel benefiting from Arab disruption.

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