Red Cross to provide ‘necessary support’ to crippled health sector in Gaza

[ 28/02/2011 – 07:42 PM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– The Red Cross has promised to provide ”necessary support” to the Gaza Strip’s health sector as medical challenges there have so far not turned for the better.

Dr. Madhat Abbas, Director-General of the Al-Shifa medical center, Gaza’s largest hospital, welcomed to the strip Monday Beatrice Megevand Rogo, Red Cross director of operations for the Middle East, with an entourage including Arafat Sulaimani, the ICRC Gaza mission chief, Curley Clark, the Gaza health program manager and others.

The Gaza Health Ministry has announced that 147 basic medicines and 152 medical supplies are out of stock, and that 65 more medicines and 148 accessories are expected to run out within less than three months, creating nearly impossible challenges in Gaza medical facilities.

Officials in Gaza have placed blame on Israel’s economic blockade of the tiny coastal enclave and hoarding in the rival Palestinian Authority, which controls the West Bank and directly receives medicines donated from abroad before they are delivered to Gaza.

Gaza received only 37 per cent of medicines it was entitled to from the PA in 2010.

The ICRC had helped the Al-Shifa medical center to finalize several projects last year, including the installation of an elevator in the emergency department, bringing in new sterilization equipment, providing spare parts and machine maintenance and has helped renovate the reception and emergency departments.

Red Cross to provide ‘necessary support’ to crippled health sector in Gaza.

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