MADA Documents 218 Violations Against Media Freedoms During 2010

PNN – Palestine News Network – 01.03.11 – 13:10

Ramallah – MADA to PNN – The Palestinian Center for Development and Media Freedoms (MADA) released on Tuesday its annual report documenting violations committed against journalists in the Palestinian territories in 2010.



A total of 218 violations against journalists in the West Bank, Jerusalem and Gaza were reported last year, averaging 18 violations per month, MADA said in its report.

MADA says attacks on journalists have increased by 45 attacks, or 26%, from 2009. One hundred thirty-eight attacks were committed by the Israeli army during 2010, a 54% increase from 2009. The Palestinian security forces in the West Bank and Gaza committed 79 violations, compared with 76 in 2009.

The southern West Bank city of Hebron had the highest number of reported incidents with a total of 53. The Israeli army committed 45 attacks and Palestinian soldiers committed 13.

MADA divided violations into 12 categories. Physical attacks were the highest, with 89 Israeli and 10 Palestinian attacks on journalists in 2010. MADA also said 36 journalists were detained, 19 by the Israeli army and 17 by Palestinian forces.

Arrests came third, with a total of 32 violations, 18 by Israeli forces and 14 by the Palestinian ones. In addition, MADA reported that 20 summons for investigation were issued to journalists, 3 by the Israeli army and 17 by Palestinian security forces.

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PNN – Palestine News Network – MADA Documents 218 Violations Against Media Freedoms During 2010.

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