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Another Victim of Occupation 2011 | Abdulmajeed Ghazi Shaheen, 21 | Killed in Explosion East of Gaza City | Feb 27, 2011 :
Another Victim of Occupation 2011 | Omar Maruf, 19 Years Old | Killed by IOF while Collecting Gravel | Feb 28, 2011:

iRemember… | الشهداء

♻ Under the Spell of Israel

YouTube – Gaza in Plain Language— Gaza March 4th, 2011: Silence is complicity

The Untold Story of the Gaza Flotilla Cruise with a deadly ending

An 11-year-old girl was struck down by a settler car in Hebron on her way to school

Will the Palestinians keep silent? – Alaa Tartir

Palestinian LGBT group: Israeli fantasies abt being ‘democratic’ are absurd & the belief they R rescuing us is pathetic

Hamas govt urges children not to study Holocaust: Date 01/03/2011, 20:57 (Jerusalem)

Gaza man injured in clashes near border – Ma’an News Agency

Israeli troops raid southern Gaza, settler runs over 5-year-old child –

Gazan girl confronts Israeli MK Nachman Shai Gaza siege. Spks frm the heart & thru tears about her losses(2min VIDEO)

Israeli settlers prepare for day of rage

Incredible video of young Jews disrupting Netanyahu w/ truth about why Israel faces a legitimacy crisis

The unifying pic for the unity protest on march 15 #mar15 #gaza #israel #palestine #arabrevolt here :

Sign this petition 2 free child peace activist journalist #MahmoudJabri

Arab Democratic Revolution: Bringing It All Back Home – To Palestine

Palestinians call for unity protest on 15 March

In Gaza, Calls For Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers, Settlers

Israeli rights group lauds decision to dismantle 3 outposts

Mishaal meets Russian envoy to Mideast

US Palestinians give ‘pink slip’ to PA (With Video)

Hebron women march for unity

Palestinian youth wounded in IOF shelling

Nazzal attends Erbakan funeral

Hamas vows to foil Holocaust Lessons in UNWRA schools

Hamas: PLO reforms the key to reconciliation

Palestine Remembered

Khaled Elgindy: The ‘Egypt effect’ on Palestinian politics (

Hebron Marks International Day of Action to Open Shuhada Street . See

Palestinians face ‘price tag’ revenge from furious settlers

Palestinians call for unity protest on 15 March -…

Reminder: Brian Baird and Anthony Weiner to talk Israel/Palestine, moderated by Roger Cohen in NYC this Thursday

Benny Morris is worried about the special relationship

In Gaza, Calls For Kidnapping Israeli Soldiers, Settlers – MEMRI (blog)

Settlers Injure Two Palestinians, Uproot 25 Trees in Violent Reprisals in West Bank

Oscar rewards racism of Zionism: “Although the American-made documentary, “Strangers No More,” celebrates the sc…

Palestinian commission warns of tourism conference in Jerusalem being used to establish “facts on the ground”

Israel allocates $24m to judaize eastern Jerusalem

“Jewish & Democratic”: Israeli rabbi says convicted rapist should be forgiven because trial judge was Arab & Christian

Israeli wishful thinking: According to this Israeli propagandist:  “While I am sure that the majority of the res…

JTA: “Anti-Israel, pro-Israel weeks compete on U.S. campuses”:

Lieberman: Syria does not “truly seek peace” because it’s not prepared to let Israel keep occupied southwest Syria

New Airport Scanners Will See Through Bodies

Israeli F16 fighter jets launched six air strikes on Gaza on Saturday

Seven Palestinians killed by Israel last month

Facebook revolution in the making in Palestine ?

Bay Area Says “Drown Out Apartheid” at Israel Philharmonic Performance:

The ‘Egypt effect’ on Palestinian politics – CNN International

Hillel vows to pressure “administration and ‘influential’ Rutgers board members” to silence Palestine activists:

Ministry of culture slams UNRWA for teaching Holocaust

Palestinian Man Injured in Gaza

IDF spokesman says he used assumed name in UK to avoid arrest

‘UN accountable for ME massacres’

Palestinians try to create ‘Facebook revolution’,7340,L-4036267,00.html

Lia Tarachansky: Seven Deadly Myths | Watch now, before trailer is removed!

Israeli Forces Break into Houses in Jenin & another day..yet another incursion into Gaza – & another shot

Palestinian May Succeed in Purchasing Part of East Jerusalem Settlement

ICAHD press release on Pete Seeger’s endorsement of Israel boycott:

The Land Acknowledges el-Araqib and Knows its People


The PalTweets Daily is out!

Gaza woman confronts MK Nachman Shai over the Gaza siege

Palestinians STILL being denied access to Cairo airport in Egypt-thousands stranded, unable to return to Gaza

Gallup: “80 percent of Republicans sympathize more with Israelis than Palestinians compared to 57 percent of Democrats”:

Settlers Attack Palestinians, Property in “Price Tag” Reactions to Outpost Demolition

Al-Quds Brigades to Employ “New Tactics”

Israeli settlers hit back after army demolishes their West Bank homes

Settlers plan ‘Day of Rage’ in West Bank

Six Children Arrested in Silwan Clashes

Palestinian Students Will Return To Egypt

Gaza: Soldiers return fire after RPG hit; Palestinian hurt,7340,L-4036240,00.html

Facebook’s New “Feature”| Customs Department => “Machsom Hasefer HaPaneem” : Please Line Up and Hold your Passport Ready! | Muting Palestine Posters & Bloggers

Palestinians Join Facebook Revolution Trend

In Israel, Who Constitutes a Security Threat?

Another Palestinian Child Run Over in Hebron

Yet another Palestinian man killed by IDF for collecting gravel near border fence

Israeli bulldozers invade south Gaza, no casualities

Hebron settlers run over Palestinian boy in second hit-and-run attack

US vows Israel on jittery ME situation

Settlers rampage in West Bank after outpost dismantled

Netanyahu meets Blair to discuss restarting negotiations with the Palestinian Authority

Gaza Man Returns Home From Egyptian Prison

Israel To Legalize Settlement Outposts

MADA Documents 218 Violations Against Media Freedoms During 2010

Palestinian military court sends five West Bank Hamas members to prison

Settlers Injure Two Palestinians, Uproot 25 Trees in Violent Reprisals in West Bank

Barak: Settlers’ anti-razing protest a ‘provocation’,7340,L-4036166,00.html

PLO: Israeli Attacks Left 7 killed, Settlers Uproot 874 Trees in February

Ill-informed US public weighs in: they really heart Israeli aggression: “In brief, 63% of Americans say that th…

Close to 90% of the Doc Jazz music fans are Arab. Share the page also with your Western friends, to send a musical…

INTERVIEW-Middle East turmoil seen inspiring Palestinians – Reuters Africa

In February: Israel murdered 7 Palestinians, arrested 203, incl 45 children. Only ME democracy?

U.S. Public No Longer Supports Taxpayer Money to Israel

Israel’s war on its Bedouin citizens

Man Killed By Israeli Army in Gaza

IOF troops round up 5 West Bankers, 180 in February


Israeli Police Detains 23 Extremist Settlers In Jerusalem

Poll: Americans still favorable towards Israel,7340,L-4035905,00.html

The Israelis keep bulldozing their village, but still the Bedouin will not give up their land

IOF troops raid southern Gaza, settler runs over 5-year-old child

Settlers Set Fire To House in Huwara Village

Gadhafi forces detain Palestinian students

PA militias: Our collaboration with Israel is for the Palestinian people’s good

Will Palestinians Revolt Against Their Two Governments?

Home set ablaze amid Jewish racial riots near Nablus

Jerusalem events shut by Israeli forces

Settlers Attack Homes, Property In Hebron

IOF have shot dead a Palestinian scrap collector in an area north of Beit Lahiya, Palestinian medical sources say.

Palestinian worker shot and killed in northern Gaza

Raed Darbieh from Jabalia refugee camp in the Gaza Strip, held in Israel’s Jelbou prison, is suffering from cancer…

Gadhafi forces detain Palestinian students

5 children detained from Silwan

Settlers Set Fire To House in Huwara Village

Report: “Israel To Carry Out Specified Attacks Against Gaza”

Police chief: We must show restraint in West Bank – Jerusalem Post

Eyeing Arab revolts, Palestinian youth seek change – Zawya

Israel, US behind Arab revolts: Yemen president: Date 01/03/2011, 11:36 (Jerusalem)

GazaYouth calls for protests on 15 March Gaza Egypt

Army Invades Al Qarara, Uproots Farmlands: Israeli soldiers invaded on Tuesday morning the Al Qarara Gaza

Second settler hit and run injures Hebron boy


Settlers want Israeli ‘citizen’ fired from bus driving job because he’s an Arab

Settler attacks on Palestinians around Nablus continue as another car is torched


Long Live Palestine by Lowkey (Official Video)

Israel’s plan to expose & label HR/Peace orgs critical of Israel as “Delegitimizers” will only promote violence & hate

Single Gaza crossing opens for limited goods import

Response to Alan Dershowitz’s “Lets Have a Real Apartheid Education Week”


Blaming Them For Outpost Demolition, Settlers Intensify Attacks Against Palestinians

Settlers suspected of harming Palestinian property

Future Cloudy As Palestinians Dissolve Peace Team – NPR

United Nations Meeting of Civil Society in Support of Israeli-Palestinian Peace “Engaging civil society in ….

Report: Israel to legalize tens of outposts

‘Israel leading human rights abusers’

Detainee Aqel appeals for saving lives of patients in Ramle prison

UN says world leaders must act to stop systematic rape of girls in conflict zones

Israel planning “well studied” military strikes against Gaza

Gaza man lands in Khan Younis after being released from Egypt prison

Israeli Occupation Forces detain a Palestinian youth in Occupied Jerusalem

Hamas condemned Israeli probe in 2002

‘Israel leading human rights abusers’

Gaza man returns home from Egyptian prison: Date 01/03/2011, 09:32 (Jerusalem)

Israeli military destroys village – Amniyr, South Hebron Hills, West Bank

Swedish FM, in rare move, to spend night in Nablus – Jerusalem Post

Palestinian cars damaged in Hebron |  Ynetnews | Mar 1, 2011

Patient support volunteers needed in Dubai for 10 year old girl from Gaza,

Mishaal participates in Erbakan funeral procession:

Europe’s Extreme Righteous Find Common Cause in Israel

Yesh Gvul`s Response to the Findings of the Committee Appointed to Inspect the Shehade Assassination

Jawad Siyam’s hearing today

Armed factions claim mortar attacks on Israeli forces

PA: Israel assassination probe ‘making excuses for murder’

Visiting Nasser in Gaza

Jerusalem, Nablus roads blocked by Israeli settlers in protest against outpost removal

Israeli Gaza bombing probe says 2002 airstrike justified
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Crying foul over criticism of Israel

Twilight Zone / Ghost town

Israel Issues Eviction Orders to 600 Palestinian Bedouins in Jerusalem Area

Right of reply: The Palestine papers revealed nothing

J Street Conference Update I: Do Israelis Care About Peace?


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