PA militias: Our collaboration with Israel is for the Palestinian people’s good

[ 01/03/2011 – 09:52 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Spokesman for the Palestinian Authority security militias in the West Bank Adnan Adhameri reiterated his claims that the security cooperation with the Israeli occupation is in the Palestinian people’s best interest and to facilitate their daily lives.

“The security leadership is committed to the Palestinian Authority’s political agreements, which state that no acts of hostility from us would be launched against Israel,” Adhameri added in an interview with Al-Watan TV channel.

He considered the demands for stopping the PA security cooperation with Israel as part of the political slogans and wrangling.

The security official admitted the militias commit violations against public freedoms and human rights, but he accused human rights organizations of exaggerating and being not accurate about what happen in the West Bank.

In another context, local sources from Al-Khalil city said that the PA military court there sentenced Hamas-affiliated detainees Ashraf Asfour and Abdullah Da’eis to six months in prisons, although they had been in Israel’s Pitah Tikva interrogation center for five months.

For their part, lawmakers Ibrahim Dahbour and Ali Romanin condemned de facto president Mahmoud Abbas and his authority for not fulfilling their pledge to stop holding military trials against Hamas members and supporters in the West Bank.

In a press release on Monday, the MPs emphasized that the talk about national reconciliation while there are political arrests and military trials is an attempt to pull the wool over the eyes.

“It is unacceptable to see the security apparatuses of the authority in Ramallah persist in issuing unjust sentences against the detainees for nothing except they resisted the brutal occupation in our land,” they said.

In this regard, a number of judges of civil courts in the West Bank said on condition of anonymity that they received a reprimand from the head of the high judicial council Farid Al-Jallad for their decisions to release Hamas detainees from PA jails.

The judges added they were threatened that they would be removed from their jobs or transferred if they did not abide by Jallad’s directives and refused to issue imprisonment sentences against Hamas prisoners.

PA security militias always refer Hamas detainees to military courts when judges of civil courts order their release, but now the PA wants to pressure its civil courts to issue imprisonment sentences against detainees in order to avoid criticism from human rights organizations for holding military trials against civilians.

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PA militias: Our collaboration with Israel is for the Palestinian people’s good.

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