We Won’t Be “The US Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East”

Tuesday, 01 March 2011 15:23 Various Organisations

We invite all the organisations taking part in the struggle to join us this coming Thursday, March 3rd 2011, at 19:00, for a second vociferous and edgy protest in front of the US Embassy in Tel Aviv.


We will draw the world’s attention to the USA’s collaboration with the occupation

Last week the United States vetoed the UN Security Council’s draft resolution condemning Israeli settlements, contrary to the position of the other 14 member states (including Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, India and South-Africa), and the request of the Palestinians, the direct victims of the settlement project.

The US presents itself as fair player, a mediator and a conciliator between Israel and the Palestinians. In practice, however, it has other interests in the region and maintains “special security relations” with Israel, seeing Israel as “The US aircraft carrier in the Middle East”. Notwithstanding this massive economic and military support, it is the US’s active support of Israel’s crimes that maintains the Israeli occupation and apartheid, and therefore we see the US as a full accomplice in these crimes and in the violation of international law.

We point the finger at the criminal policies of the US and of the European Union

We are pointing the finger at the criminal policies of the US and the European Union.  Without their military, economic and diplomatic aid, Israel will not be able to keep flaunting International Law and consensus, ignoring proposed peace initiatives and persisting with the settlements project, oppression and apartheid. All that without diminishing the State of Israel’s direct responsibility for these crimes.

A new campaign is currently being initiated against US and EU support of the Israeli occupation. We call on the US to join the international community in deed rather than just talk, in giving the Palestinian people its legitimate rights. The future campaign will also draw attention to the part played by Western states.

Join us on Thursday | 3.3.11 | at 19:00 in front of the US Embassy, 71 Hayarkon Street, Tel Aviv!

“The US aircraft carrier in the Middle East”:


List of U.S. Vetoes of UN Resolutions Critical of Israel:


We Won’t Be “The US Aircraft Carrier in the Middle East”.

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