Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with police in Jaffa

[ 02/03/2011 – 03:57 PM ]


JAFFA, (PIC)– Dozens of Palestinians have been injured in clashes that broke out with police protecting Jewish demonstrations in the  city of Jaffa.

The entire city had gone on strike to protest demonstrations by dozens of Jews, Aqsa Foundation member Mohammed al-Ashkar told the PIC.

”Locals went early to the city streets to confront extremists trying to reach the area, and to confirm that Jaffa was and also will be a Palestinian, Arab, Muslim city, and that these extremists who came from Europe and other parts of the world are not welcome,” he told our correspondent.

Though they did not take form as an organized demontration, the strike was in response to a march led by Zionist extremist Baruch Marzel aimed at ”expelling the enemy from the city of Jaffa.”

Around a thousand policemen deployed across the city to protect the extremist Jews.

Several Arab youth had advanced to the Jewish demonstrations to convey the Arab strike’s message when clashes erupted with police, Ashkar said.

Around 10 Palestinians sustained bruises and 20 others were arrested and later released after locals refused to disperse until they were set free.

The Zionists who included Knesset members Michael Ben-Ari and Itamar Ben-Gvir were protesting against what they termed ”the Islamic Movement’s seizure of Jaffa.”

Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with police in Jaffa.

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