Israeli Army Razes Tana Village for Sixth Time

02.03.11 – 10:11PNN – Palestine News Network

Nablus – PNN – For the sixth time since 2005, Israeli military troops invaded and demolished the village of Tana, east of Nablus, claiming the homes lacked permits.



A Tana villager rebuilds after a February 11 demolition of the village (Staff Photographer, PNN).

The village, home to about 200 villagers in 35 makeshift houses made of tarp, metal siding, and pipes, was last destroyed on February 11. Before that, Israeli bulldozers came in December and twice previously. The reason given for the demolition is the lack of Israeli-certified building permits in Tana, which villagers claim are impossible to attain.

Abu Fouad, the Tana village council head, said that five homes had been bulldozed already by a force of four bulldozers supported by Israeli ground troops.

“They are destroying the rest of the homes,” said Abu Fouad. “The army said they are doing it because they consider the village a closed military zone.”

Villagers have indicated in previous encounters with the Israeli army that they will rebuild the village immediately after it his destroyed, in the meantime living in nearby caves. At the time of writing, the only permanent building in the village was the Tana mosque. The village spans about 2000 dunums (a dunum is about a quarter of an acre).

An illegal Jewish settlement, Makhoura, stands atop a nearby hill. It has been named as the source of violent attacks on local Palestinian shepherds in the past. On January 27, Nablus-area settlers were suspected, but not arrested, in the shooting death of 18-year-old Adi Qaddous from the village of Iraq Burin. Residents in Tana suspect that the Israeli army—commonly seen as a powerful enabler—demolished the village to clear the land for further settlement.

PNN – Palestine News Network – Israeli Army Razes Tana Village for Sixth Time.

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