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Another Victim of Occupation 2011 | Abdulmajeed Ghazi Shaheen, 21 | Killed in Explosion East of Gaza City | Feb 27, 2011 :
Another Victim of Occupation 2011 | Omar Maruf, 19 Years Old | Killed by IOF while Collecting Gravel | Feb 28, 2011:
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♻ Under the Spell of Israel

Jordan Rejects Israeli MP”s Statements on Creating Palestinian State in Jordan

Hamas: All factions want an end to division

Jordanian rights group to sue Israel after explosion kills child

Student sees Palestinian subjugation first hand during JanTerm travel course

Hamas says reports of weapons in Egypt false

Hamas slams Libya crackdown

UAE envoy visits Palestine

Militant group says fighter fired on Israeli patrol in northern Gaza

Israeli navy fire on Gaza fishermen

Diplomat: I can no longer represent Israel,7340,L-4036889,00.html

Israel allows first cherry tomato export from Gaza

Mid Sussex MP puts Palestine in spotlight

Hamas: Fayyad unity plan ‘born dead’

Daily efforts made to free captive Israeli soldier, says Netanyahu

‘Israel planning new war on neighbors’

Dozens of Palestinians injured in clashes with police in Jaffa

Israeli forces demolish wells near Hebron

IOF troops detain 6 Palestinians in Al-Khalil, destroy pond as settlers escalate

International campaign offers legal aid to MPs ordered out of Jerusalem

No Holocaust lessons at Gaza schools

Israeli court extends detention of 57 year old woman from Issawiya

StOP Juidazing Jerusalem.:Israel allocates $24m to judaize Occupied Jerusalem

Police have reportedly arrested a 21-year-old suspect from Kosovo in deadly Frankfurt airport shooting – BBC

New post: #Jan25 School students demand education reform طلاب الثانوي يحتجون على نظام التعليم

Read: Egypt’s revolution has been 10 years in the making by @3arabawy

Avinunu: If Gaddafi had taken my advice and changed Libya’s name to “Israel” he could have avoided this sarcasm

Settlement outpost expands

For those who are claiming the Egyptian revolution had nothing to do with antiZionism, antiImperialism

This is #Israel ‘Israeli Death Squads to Infiltrate Egyptian Protests’ #Egypt #Cairo #Libya

Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana

Abbasi sentenced to over 2 years in prison

Jerusalem Municipality Approves New Settlement Construction in Heart of Palestinian Neighbourhood Ras al-Amud

Israeli force penetrates Gaza amid gunfire

Source: Arrival of Iranian ships to Syria – message to Israel

Worker killed in tunnel accident

Preparing for Local Elections, Elections Committee Trains New Employees

Palestinian Students Returning from Libya: Our Embassy Abandoned Us

Israeli force penetrates Gaza amid gunfire:

Jonathan Pollack, out of prison and back in action:

Plea for Muslim and Arab states to fulfil pledges for projects in Jerusalem

Palestine Live March, 2, 2011

Israel OKs more settlements in al-Quds

UN to act on Palestinian inmates’ plight

Israeli officer visits UK on false Name

Haifa-Ottawa Exchange: Evidence of Discrimination against Palestinian Students

Israel Demolishes Palestinian Refugee Camp in Lod

Hamas: Abbas authority rounded up 135 Hamas supporters in February

Health Ministry investigating negligence claims

Meshaal meets Russian envoy in Damascus

Politics of Heritage in Palestine: Conflict between Two Narratives

IOF troops demolish Tana for the sixth time

Report: Israel arrests 285 Palestinians in February

Jewish settlers mobilize for Thursday of rage against Palestinians

#Gaddafi “These reports are not true.”

Gaza 12’ delegation visits artificial limb centre

Israeli ambassador to South Africa resigns in protest,


Hamas condemns Ahram smear campaign against Gaza

One Killed in Rafah Tunnel Accident

Settlers Rebuild Water Wells near Nablus, Israeli Troops Arrest Five in Hebron

Haneyya: Reconciliation impossible under security coordination

Israeli gunboats shell Palestinian fishing boats

Palestinian detainees in Egypt go on twelfth day of hunger strike

IOF troops uproot olive trees, detain Jerusalemite and serve demolition notices

Jerusalem Municipality Approves Settlement Construction In East Jerusalem

Let Us Announce a Shadow Government

Court extends Center director Jawad Siyam’s house arrest; police raid family home again

Israeli Army Razes Tana Village for Sixth Time

Life under occupation – 19: a visitor’s view

UN delegates ‘walked out’ during Clinton speech

Questions I would want to ask Sa’eb Ereikat

Israel closes Karni crossing permanently

Israel eases Gaza blockade, permits tomato exports

Palestinian Killed During Israeli Shelling of Northern Gaza

Israeli Navy Fires At Palestinian Fishing Boats


Haniyya: “Reconciliation Cannot Be Reached Amidst Siege, Collaboration With Israel”:

Occupied Palestine from A to Z: Arwa’s Dream

Petition: Katsav fans encourage abuse,7340,L-4035556,00.html

Netanyahu Said To Be Weighing A Plan For A Palestinian “State” With Provisional Borders: Israeli paper

J Street Urges Obama to Seize the Moment

Israel: Investigate Civilian Losses in Gaza Attacks

In whose name does Dutch FM Rosenthal speak?

Netanyahu’s promise to dismantle outposts is a smokescreen

Israel seals Gaza crossings terminal

How The Great Game emptied the Pentagon

Seven Palestinians killed by Israel last month

@hrw plz explain why you article says just 2 civilans are killed in 2011!!? Here are victims 2011:

Concerns over Rising Violence in West Bank

Palestinians call for unity protest on 15 March


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