Relatives of Palestinian prisoner ask for international medical team

[ 02/03/2011 – 04:03 PM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– Relatives of Palestinian prisoner Haithem Salehiya has asked for an international medical team to call on Salehiya in his Aishel prison in Beer Sheba after the Israeli intelligence tried to poison him.

The family appealed in a statement on Tuesday to all Arab and international human rights groups to assist Salehiya in his jail and pressure the Israeli occupation authority (IOA) into allowing a medical team to check him and supervise his treatment.

The statement added that Salehiya who served 9 years of his two life sentence and an additional three-year sentence was the victim of an assassination attempt that was carried out by an agent to the Israeli intelligence who put poison in Salehiya’s meal.

It refused the IOA decision to establish a medical committee from the Israeli prisons services (IPS) to supervise treatment of Salehiya, charging that such a committee would only conceal the crime.

In a similar context, Palestinian prisoners in Jalbo prison appealed for urgent medical treatment for chronic and other difficult disease, adding that they suffer from medical neglect threatening their lives.

A human rights source said on Wednesday that three prisoners in Jalbo were suffering from chronic diseases coupled with medical neglect on the part of the IPS. He added that they are only served sedatives.

Also in the prisoners’ issue, the Ahrar center for prisoners’ studies and human rights said in a statement on Tuesday that the IPS punished isolated Hamas leader Ibrahim Hamed, 45, by taking away all his electric appliances for a week.

Director of the center Fuad Al-Khafsh said that Hamed, who has been held in solitary confinement ever since his arrest in 2006, was punished for speaking with one of the homicide detainees.

Relatives of Palestinian prisoner ask for international medical team.

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