Right-wing protesters march through Jaffa on March 2, 2011.
Photo by: Tal Cohen
Those who still adhere to the ‘One State Solution’ are living a dream. Civil strife continues to grow in major cities throughout Israel making that concept near to impossible. Ultra Orthodox rulings have virtually rendered the Palestinians (and all other non Jews) to be sub human creatures and have treated them as such. More and more commercial establishments in the Jerusalem area have adopted a ‘Jews Only’ policy, refusing to hire or rent premises to Arabs.
The redundant Palestinian Authority has remained silent on all of the above as not to rock the comfortable boat they are sailing on, a boat that is slowly sailing to oblivion.
The most recent example of the hatred displayed by the extreme zionist elements took place this morning in the city of Jaffa, near Tel Aviv. Jaffa has a population of 46,000 residents of which 17,000 are Palestinian.
I ask one question, if Peace cannot prevail in ONE city in Israel, how can anyone expect it to under a One State Solution? A Palestinian State MUST be founded on Palestinian territory. Palestine MUST be able to govern itself with a government of THEIR choice without the continued animosity of the zionist entity that has been out to destroy them for almost seven decades.
Read the following report from HaAretz before you answer my question…..

Police arrest 16 protesters demonstrating against right-wing march through Jaffa

March is organized by right-wing activists who want to protest ‘Islamic Movement gaining control over [the city]‘; Arab residents close businesses in protest.

Police arrested sixteen left-wing protesters who were demonstrating against a right-wing march through Jaffa on Wednesday.

The march, organized by National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari and right-wing activists Itamar Ben-Gvir and Baruch Marzel was in protest of what they deemed the “Islamic Movement gaining control over [the city].”

The march comes just a few days after the Tel Aviv-Jaffa municipality announced a plan to build affordable housing exclusively for Jaffa’s Arab residents.

Police spent the morning preparing the city to prevent confrontation between the right wing marchers and Jaffa’s Arab residents. Roads surrounding the planned route of the march, which began at the city’s clock tower, have been closed to traffic.

The head of the Arab residents of Jaffa said that a symbolic demonstration against the march had been decided on. Leaders of Jaffa’s Arab community gathered at a location close to the march so they could observe what is happening. Arab workers in the city decided to strike during the time that the march is taking place.

“There have always been Jews and Arabs together in Jaffa, in coexistence and with mutual respect,” Tel Aviv councilman Ahmed Mashharawi said on Wednesday. “These people’s march reveals their true ugly face. As long as they don’t harm the routine of the residents, we won’t allow them the pleasure of receiving a headline on our account.”

Jaffa is a mixed city where both Jews and Arabs live; of the 46,000 residents, 17,000 are Arab.


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