Calls on Facebook for millions to march for right of return

[ 03/03/2011 – 10:00 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Palestinian activists have used the Facebook social network calling to a peaceful million man march for the Palestinian refugees’ right of return due to kick off May 15.

Dubbed ”the 2011 march of return”, it aims to ensure that every last exiled Palestinian returns to the land and houses they left behind since the advent of the Israeli occupation.

It is meant as a first step in materializing UN resolution 194 which guarantees the refugees’ right of return and should be followed by other steps, including recognition of the rights of returnees and compensation.

Organizers have envisioned that marches would include government and non-government organizations and that millions would mobilize from the Gaza Strip, West Bank, and the neighboring countries of Lebanon, Syria, Jordan and Egypt and would include refugees and displaced persons following Israel’s 1948 occupation of Palestine, and that the march would cross borders and return to historic Palestine.

Israel is expected to use force to repress the movement. ”But the crowd could overcome these repressive means, as no force on earth can suppress a people who want life,” sources close to the organizers have said.

Political officials such as Mohammed al-Madhoun have shown support for the move.

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