Clashes in Jaffa as racist settlers target more Palestinian land

More attacks planned in ‘day of rage’ by settlers on the West Bank, more illegal building activity approved in East Jerusalem and Zionists march in Jaffa, spreading their anti-Arab hate – thankfully confronted by Palestinians and leftist Jewish activists.

Hundreds of officers, police chopper secure march against ‘Islamic takeover of Jaffa’. Residents take to streets to protest, holding signs saying ‘Extreme Right’s racism equals neo-Nazism in blue and white’; 16 leftists arrested

Traffic was halted on one of Jaffa’s main streets Wednesday morning as 60 right-wing activists prepared to march in protest against “the Islamic Movement’s operations in the city” and “the Islamic takeover”. Large police forces were deployed to prevent clashes with residents.

As the marchers proceeded down the street residents called out, “racists go home” and some clashes broke out. Police detained 16 left-wing activists for questioning after an officer was lightly injured in the clashes. more

Clashes in Jaffa as racist settlers target more Palestinian land at PS.HADNEWS.COM.

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