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Israel Kidnapped 80 Jerusalem Children Since Beginning of 2011 |

Israeli forces at the Egyptian border on alert pending restoration of political stability

Lecture to raise awareness regarding Gaza blockade

Right-wing Israelis, settlers rally in ‘day of rage’

‘Day of Rage’: Tires torched near Jerusalem,7340,L-4037420,00.html

Major Palestinian party looks to oust Fayyad

Israel eyes joining NATO as western counterweight against Middle East revolutions

israeli occupation forces demolish a water well used by Palestinian farmers for irrigation

Israel company recruiting Gadhafi mercenaries

My latest in Le Monde Diplomatique: West Bank wind of change Le Monde diplomatique

Why the outrage when Beyonce entertains Gaddafi, but not when Madonna, Lady Gaga, Rihanna entertain apartheid Israel?

Guest post by @travellerw for +972 Mag: “Israel in the Egyptian revolutionary discourse.”

CAUGHT ON FILM: 8 yr old Child Kidnapped, 5 Peace Activists arrested by #IDF for SINGING against Israel

“We talk to the [Arabs] to please America so we can continue getting $3 billion a year from America” | Watch the video

Home Demolition in Lod Violates Promises, Mobilises Activists

Report: Israeli company recruits mercenaries to support Gadhafi

The PalTweets Daily is out!

SodaStream to Open Plant within Green Line, but Not Closing Settlement Operation

4 youth arrested in dawn raid on Silwan

Barak: Army to remain on alert at Egypt borders

Jordan summons Israeli ambassador over provocative Eldad statements

Arab League ‘studying’ Chavez Libya proposal

8 Most Commonly Held Misconceptions About the Israel-Palestine Conflict

Intifada beyond Palestine

Release of 2 Gaza men from Israeli custody expected

How the Israel-Palestinian Conflict Is Framed in Swedish History School Textbooks

Muammar Gaddafi and sons face Libya atrocities investigation

The Lion of the Desert :Umar al Mukhtar

Freedom From Arab Tyrants Will Free Palestine

A peek into settlers’ war room,7340,L-4037369,00.html

Palestinian boy claims police beat him,7340,L-4037421,00.html

Facebook activists: ‘Refugee revolution’ set for May

Egypt releases 12 Palestinian detainees

ei: Facing up to Jewish nationalism and racist violence

Mondoweiss: Forget the hasbara, Israeli army’s bombs never distinguish between heterosexual and queer Palestinians

Stephen R. Shalom: Why we need to divest from the US-backed Israeli Occupation

Mid-checkpoint duty, Israeli soldiers stop for local snack

International Civil Defence Day commemorated in Gaza

Facing up to Jewish nationalism and racist violence

Mondoweiss: Student group pushes Carleton to become first university in Canada to divest from the occupation (VIDEO)

Over 750.000 Palestinian Prisoners Since 1967

Mid-checkpoint duty, Israeli soldiers stop for local snack

PIF Condemns Seizure of Its Properties in Gaza

UK’s Cameron supports Israeli piracy on the high seas, encouraging more massacres

avinunu: Norway may recognize imaginary Palestinian state if “peace process” Norway helped sabotage goes nowhere

Cameron does a u-turn and now supports attacking the 1st Flotilla and quashing free speech against Israel

Ali Abunimah & David Cronin (@dvcronin) UK Speaking tour March 22-24 Leeds, Birmingham & London

Closure of Karni crossing tightens Gaza siege despite lifting of ban on tomato exports

Undercover forces seize 12 year old boy in Silwan

Jeep fires gas inside shop, 7 children inside

Oak Center hosts Palestine benefit concert

Speaker Dweik meets with officials from Russia’s foreign ministry

Sole operating crossing opens for aid delivery to Gaza

Settlers Organize “Day Of Rage”

Acquitted Palestinian businessman tortured in PA prison

Israel to Sue Bedouin Residents of Demolished Village for Demolition Costs

Mandela: IOA holds Palestinian woman in cell with homicide convicts

Right-wing Israelis, settlers ‘rage’ (UPDATED!)

Palestinian prisoner “Deans” reaches 136 in total

Qabaha: Boosted Fatah reconciliation calls a media maneuver

Askalan prisoners complain of being shackled during visits

Chamber of commerce warns of economic crisis in Gaza after Al-Mintar closure

2 killed in Israeli plane crash

Israeli Forces Arrest Residents From Hebron

Israeli Police Detain Citizens From The al-Aqsa Mosque

Kirbeh Tana Demolished For The 6th Time By Israeli Bulldozers

Israeli Soldiers Abducted Two Palestinians In Jenin

Ethnic Cleansing continues in the Apartheid State………..

Settlers Organize “Day Of Rage”: Extreme Israeli settlers have launched a ‘day of rage’ in protest against…

IOF troops arrest citizens in Hebron and Jerusalem

New post: A rare instance of justice at the Ofer military court

‘Refugee Revolution’ set for 15 March (updated)

Update on US brokered “Ease”. No “Ease” but Slow Suffocation: Gaza’s Crossings Squeezed Shut

Iranian navy ships re-enter Egypt’s Suez Canal,7340,L-4037146,00.html

Hamas: 2 affiliates detained by PA

IOF storms OJ suburb, detains 80 Jerusalemite children in two months

No Political Immunity in Palestine: IOF kidnap a new Palestinian MP Salhab

IOF detains 7 Palestinians including crippled man, 90 in Al-Khalil in February

Muhammad al-Za’tari: Innocent, Accused of Stabbing Settler, and Tortured for Five Months

Calls on Facebook for millions to march for right of return

Hamas: 2 affiliates detained by PA: Date 03/03/2011, 11:07 (Jerusalem)

Palestinians are the occupied. Israelis are the occupiers. Occupation is a form of structural terrorism. Clear enough!?

Jewish Settlers desecrate Al-Nabi Younis mosque

Revolting Settlers

Israeli army opens fire at south Gaza

‘Day of rage’: Rightists block Jerusalem-TA highway,7340,L-4037094,00.html

Right Wing Israelis Settlers, Rage

February; Seven Palestinians Killed, 46 Injured By Army Fire In Gaza

Obama: Israelis must show seriousness on peace,7340,L-4037049,00.html

West Bank Palestinians anticipate settler’s ‘Day of Rage’

Hebron witnesses increase in settler harassment following al-Shuhada street demonstration

Village of Khirbet Tana completely demolished by Israeli military


Bedouin village demolished while IDF destroys water well in Al-Baq’a near Hebron


Clashes in Jaffa as racist settlers target more Palestinian land

Gaza fighters: Projectile fired at Israeli military tower: Date 03/03/2011, 10:12 (Jerusalem)

The military court just ordered the unconditioned release of Hebron organizer, Issa Ammro, who was arrested on Tue after organizing a demo

‘Closing Karni crossing will tighten the siege’

Right wing Israelis, settlers, ‘rage’: Date 03/03/2011, 09:48 (Jerusalem)

February; Seven Palestinians Killed, 46 Injured By Army Fire In Gaza: A report published by the Higher Com…

Family of Palestinian prisoner Haithem Salhiya ask 4 int’l medical team after zionists tried to poison him

Report: Israel arrests #285 Palestinians in February

While Media is busy, Israel intensifies ground and air attacks on Gaza

Video: Zionism: Meet Miriam Levinger

Cultures of Resistance : Palestine : Uprising Against Occupation | Video

Interview with Majeda Fidda, former administrative detainee: Palestine Video – A …

Hamas has done all it could for reconciliation

Dozens of Palestinians injured in Jaffa

Zionism is ethnic cleansing: zionist entity to build 14 settler homes in Ras al-Amoud in occupied Jerusalem

Zionist entity kidnapped 80 Palestinian children in occupied Jerusalem since the beginning of 2011

IOF destroy pond used by Palestinian farmers 4 irrigation while zionist colonists attack Palestinian villages

Severn Palestinians arrested by Israeli army in WB –

How Palestine’s uprising inspired Egypt’s

Zionism is Ethnic Cleansing: israeli occupation forces demolish Palestinian village Tana for the sixth time

Palestine: Illegal settlement gets nod from Tel Aviv

Zionism is Terrorism: IOF troops uproot olive trees, detain Jerusalemite and serve demolition notices

Zionism is Terrorism: Jewish settlers mobilize for Thursday of rage against Palestinians

iRemember… | الشهداء

♻ Under the Spell of Israel

Report: Israel illegally interrogates, tortures children

@972magazine: @ibnezra on a surge in rightist violence in Israel & the W. Bank, new on +972

Talking BDS in the heart of the liberal Jewish establishment in the US, J Street

10 Wounded, Sixteen Detained During Jaffa Clashes As Settlers March In City

Israeli authorities release Sheik Salah

Jerusalem municipality approves plan to build 14 homes in Ras al-Amoud

13 year-old beaten during interrogation and imprisoned for two months (B’Tselem):

Zahar: Hamas has done all it could for reconciliation

How Palestine’s uprising inspired Egypt’s

Mondoweiss: STOP THE PRESSES! Israel srsly considering floating idea of interim provisional phased Pal state on 60% of West Bank

Israel closes Gaza commercial crossing, leaving just one,0,4532369.story

Mondoweiss: Israel’s path of destruction across the West Bank

Antisemitism and criticism of Israel

Wow. Read the edits the WaPo insisted on for an oped from two rabbis about Gaza. The article never ran –

New blog post: ***A CALL TO GO TO #GAZA***

Stop demonizing Arab institutions like Hamas and Muslim Bro’hood — Benjamin urges J Street


Hanukkah in March: Light a Candle for Gaza | Shalom Rav

“The History of Palestine” …New & Well Made Factual Video Presentation-

Massacres created by Israel: The King David Massacre, The Massacre at Baldat al-Shaikh, YEHIDA MASSACRE (continued)…

BDS Event: ‘Boycott Israel Conference: Will Scotland Lead The Way?’:

BDS: Palestinian boycott call is part and parcel of the Arab spring that is sweeping the region:

BDS: 500 Artists Against Israeli Apartheid:

Report: “Israel Kidnapped 80 Children in Jerusalem Since The Beginning of 2011”

Army Kidnaps Elected Legislator

Israeli bulldozers demolish Khirbet Tana for 6th time

PA: World must act on settler violence

Why is Israel unleashing the settlers now?

Rightists march in Jaffa and go on the attack in the West Bank

Bil’in marches against US veto in the United Nations – Dozens were injured in the weekly demonstration against …

#BDS April 20-23: The 6th Annual Bil’in Conference on the Palestinian Popular Struggle

#BDS February 25, 2011 Demonstration – To watch this video, download Flash plug-in. Si vous ne voyez pas cette vidéo…

US students face jail time for disrupting Israeli official’s speech

The criminal charges against UC Irvine 11 show how far US officials will go to defend Israel against *free speech*

Please Donate and help send medical aid to Libya : primary health care for Libya – Emergency Aid, Libya:

Pro-democracy demos in northern #Iraq -South #Kurdistan

Palestinian Students Returning from Libya: Our Embassy Abandoned Us

Spring in Palestine:

Zionism is Terrorism: Palestinian Man Injured by Israeli airstrike in Gaza

The Military police has detained one of the gas strikers in Nasr City. His name is Gamal Shedid

US students face jail time for disrupting Israeli official’s speech –

Gaza in Plain Language—Revisited.


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