Egyptian prosecution to finalize probe into corrupt gas deal with Israel

[ 05/03/2011 – 09:53 AM ]


CAIRO, (PIC)– Egypt’s Supreme State Security Prosecution is finalizing investigations with former minister of petroleum Sameh Fahmi after complaints filed against him for wasting public funds in oil export deals with Israel and six other countries in Europe.

Investigations revealed the top secret gas deal with Israel was costing Egypt USD 13.5m a day, with a daily commission of USD 3m distributed between corrupt members of the ministry.

Hisham Badawi, leading the investigations, has summoned Sameh Fahmi on Thursday and requested that the session be put back to Saturday to submit documents that confirm his position.

According to memoranda received by the prosecutor, the income received by Egypt from gas exports to Israel was no more than USD 146m annually, while it imported cooking gas at about USD 3 billion yearly.

The administrative court ruled on 18 November 2009 to suspend the gas trade decision with Israel, but former petroleum minister Sameh Fahmi did not comply with the decision.

The investigations are expected to expose those involved in the first corrupt deal in the history of the ministry of petroleum.

Egyptian prosecution to finalize probe into corrupt gas deal with Israel.

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