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Palestine: Demands for a Unified Nation set for March 15

Banks: ‘Free Palestine’ cash valueless

The new Egyptian foreign minister on the siege on Gaza:
“وشدد على ان الموقف الذي “تتبناه مصر تجاه الحصار المفروض…

New: Bombing is southern Gaza: 18-month child injured

Ramallah teacher carries out solo sit in: Date 06/03/2011, 20:53 (Jerusalem)

New: Scrap collector injured in the North

“How can they criminalize me? I’m ten years old.” The plight of Muslim Aoudeh

Israeli forces fire new, stronger gas wantonly in Silwan

Hired propagandist for King of Morocco stresses: Morocco is not Egypt or Tunisia: “It remains to be seen what im…

Wahhabi anti-Shi`ite propaganda in Bahrain: Mahmood in Bahrain sent me this:  “These are the kind of quasi-fasci…

Protests in Saudi Arabia reach eastern province cities of Qatif & Hofuf despite ban

Bahrain: New Video of Police Shooting Protesters:

Egyptians march to Gaza to demand border be opened:

Peres Urges Palestinians, Israelis to Return to Negotiating Table

Havat Gilad inquiry determines forces acted proportionally,7340,L-4038434,00.html

Nobel prize winner resigns from Gaddafi charity

Palestinian family facing eviction in Beit Hanina

Report: Salafists say Hamas detained leader in Gaza

Body found in deserted Hebron home

The Names of the Innocent who are Killed

Evidence shows strong link between Im Tirtzu and Netanyahu’s gov’t

Last group of Palestinian students leave Libya

The history of the Camp David Accords reveals that even a sympathetic president could not stand up for the Palestin…

FACTBOX – Libya’s military: what does Gaddafi have?:

AJE: Pushing for a Palestinian Tahrir: Feeling abandoned by political leadership, Palestinian youth pushing for change:

Palestinians write slogans of ending occupation on Israeli banknotes – (press release)

Palestinians launch new initiatives on Facebook

GAZA Post-Mubarak, Egypt-Gaza crossing rules tighten: Date 06/03/2011, 17:22 (Jerusalem)

GYBO: Hammas is arresting those who are calling for unity at the same time they’re flooding the news with articles saying they want unity!#Mar15

Protest against Israeli Decision to Deport 400 Children of Migrant Workers, Asylum Seekers

Hamas detains ‘unity’ protesters

Extending Detention for 58 Palestinians

Israel Renews Land Seizure Orders

We’ve been followed by hammas security Guys everywhere we went and hammas arrested 2 effective members in the youth movement! #Gaza #mar15

Relatives: Detainees in Egyptian jails on 15th day of hunger strike

Gaza city council agrees to twin with Tripoli, Lebnanon:

Geneva to host soon int’l conference on rights of Palestinian prisoners

Palestinian workers injured in Jerusalem bomb blast

Bardawil denies arresting Jordanian citizen in Gaza:

IOF kidnap two Palestinians in W. Bank

Anti-Muslim hate rally summons the ghosts of Jim Crow

Hundreds of women marching on Qalandia checkpoint near Ramallah to mark intl. women’s day

The new Arab Awakening – Le Monde diplomatique – English edition

Palestinian workers injured in Jerusalem bomb blast: Date 06/03/2011, 16:46 (Jerusalem)

Dutch firm Riwal tries to evade responsibility for building apartheid wall; my piece shows firm’s role in Israel lobby

Palestinian Local Council in Israel Adopts Resolution Requiring Signs in Arabic for Local Businesses, Institutions

Israel should comply with international laws: Lauren Booth

Gaza #mar15 another picture during the capture. The guys with blue hats to the right are Police trying to shut down

No school for 7,000 Arab students in Lod,7340,L-4038291,00.html

Israeli Eishel prison refuses to treat immobilizing mystery disease

Israeli Fighter Jets Attack Targets in Gaza

This is typical Egypt under Mubarak behaviour, urge Egyptian Army/Government not to blockade Gaza.

Israel: where chopping down a tree can land you in prison, but home demolitions, ethnic cleansing go unpunished

Petition: Free all Palestinian Women Political Prisoners!

This is a picture of #Gaza police during the capture

Gaza mar15 the captured youth didn’t cheer against Hamas. They didn’t break any laws. All they did was distributing palestinian flags
Gaza Police intrudes and captures a group of youth giving out palestinian flags to citizens and confiscates the flag #mar15
Gaza Mar15 youth have been arrested in front of Al Shifa hospital and Minas Abdul Bari who was carrying the Palestinian Flag

Clearly, J street as a pro peace group will release a statement condemning the arrest of Nabi Saleh leader Nagey Tamimi

Documented photos on Gaza destruction “Israeli air raid in south of Gaza City”

Day of Rage in Palestine “Settlers block entrances of Nabi Saleh village”

Livni: Netanyahu’s peace policy shows an utter lack of leadership:

Netanyahu: Palestinians utilizing global anti-Israel sentiment to avoid Mideast peace:

Gaddafi uses Israel to solidify his power

Pink Floyd frontman declares support for BDS campaign – Jerusalem Post

Hamas: Change in Egypt has given us back our lives – Ahram Online

Day of Rage in Palestine “Girls’ School Evacuated (…):

PA militias summons female students from Najah university

Islamic Jihad slams rapid digging near Aqsa

Israeli Air Force Launches New Media Campaign to Gain International Approval

Mondoweiss: Palestine is MIA in NYT hail to the Arab protesters

Radwan: Hamas did not raise its ceiling on the national reconciliaiton

Long Live Palestine by Lowkey (with LYRICS!)

Asia to Gaza march will continue until Palestine is free

West Bank chaos, just a stone’s throw away

Israel denies bishop Jerusalem residence

Nabi Saleh Popular Committee leader arrested in a night raid

Three leftists arrested and several injured at East Jerusalem demonstration

Settlers Launch Campaign for Building Permits, Against Prime Minister

New post: Nabi Saleh Popular Committee leader arrested in a night raid

EU Must Protest Conviction of Palestinian Human Rights Defender

Israeli Airstrikes | Pictures from Gaza

Chile voices support for Palestine

Egypt to Allow Gaza students to enter

Palestinian launch new initiatives on Facebook

Gaza fishing industry hit hard by siege

Boy Injured & Stinky chemical solution and teargas at the Bil’in Demo | 4.3.2011

Police Brutality and Arrests at Sheikh Jarrah Demo – March 4th 2011

Hamas condemns Israel’s judaization of Aqsa

Hamas prepares initiative to end rift

El-Moughrabi … Isolation & Prevention from Visits

Israel attacks Gaza Strip at night

#Palestine #Video Boy Injured + Stinky chemical solution and teargas at the Bil’in Demo 4.3.2011: P…

Israeli army raids Hebron, detains Palestinians -…

Settlers provoke Palestinian villagers near Ramallah: Date 06/03/2011, 11:04 (Jerusalem)

More than 100 officers from Gadhafi’s feared police force are in U.K. in advanced techniques training – Telegraph

Troops Attacks Women’s Protest, Dozens Wounded

#March15 Daily is OUT!

قطار الحرية يصل فلسطين ١٥ مارس, يبدأ بإنهاء الإنقسام #Mar15 is Palestinians Turn, The ppl want Unity #gaza  (cont)

Atlanta’s new patient Sedra Afifi from Bethlehem who will be having plastic surgery for severe burns

Settlers provoke Palestinian villagers near Ramallah

Gaza Palestinians fear renewal of IDF targeted killings policy,7340,L-4038110,00.html

Why is Israel aid exempt? (MJ Rosenberg, Al Jazeera): …

One Gaza commercial crossing opened for aids

Israel to Sue Bedouin Residents of Demolished Village for Demolition Costs (Alternative Information…

Israeli warplanes strike Gaza (updated)

ADL: Pope’s acquittal of Jews ‘historical’,7340,L-4038026,00.html

Israeli Air Force Carries A Series Of Air Strikes In Gaza

Demonstrators stand in solidarity with arrested Sheikh Jarrah protesters

Gaza’s sole crossing to open for limited goods

Israel’s war planes are still bombing Gaza | القصف على غزة مايزال مستمر

If Americans Knew – what every American needs to know about Israel/Palestine

Activists arrested in Sheikh Jarrah protest held for two days

Dozens of women injured in march approaching Kalandia checkpoint

Joke of the Day: (ImaginaryFriends) Gadhafi: If I fall, Bin Laden will control the Mediterranean

Resigned Israel ambassador Ilan Baruchat last week’s Sheikh Jarrah Demo

Israel fascist settlers block roads, burn tires, throw stones at Palestinians’ cars –

PSCC: Soldiers raided the village of Nabi Saleh tonight and arrested Naji Tamimi, a member of the village’s popular committee

Israeli troops scuffle with protesters

J Street has found its mascot

Israel journalist Gideon Levy: Israel’s diplomats are spineless propagandists –…

The struggle for al-Araqib is the struggle for Palestine

Write ‘FREE PALESTINE’ on ALL bank notes

Netanyahu’s evacuation of a West Bank outpost is undemocratic

No Casualties As Israeli Air Force Attacks Gaza

Hamas prepares initiative to end rift

‘Children of Gaza’ expo

Egyptians marching to Gaza border

Abolition of Arabic as an Official Language in Israel

Palestinian government in Gaza protests closure of main commercial crossing into Israel – IMEMC

Israeli warplanes raid Gaza – Middle East – Al Jazeera English

Israeli occupation air strike targets civilian car in #Gaza:

Jewish Settlers storm Burin village

WB settlements quadrupled: Report

Abbas: Time has come for Palestine to join UN  (updated)

AJ: Israeli warplanes raid Gaza

Jordan Says Region’s Unrest Shouldn’t Shade Palestine Issue

Egyptians marching to Gaza border

Israeli warplanes strike on Gaza Strip

Hamas strongly condemns Israel’s Judaization Operation of Aqsa Mosque

The Pirates of the Mediterranean

Hamas to re-start national unity talks with Fateh

Settler campaign: ‘Build, Bibi, build!’,7340,L-4037963,00.html

Chile president: Non-violence will free Palestine (updated)

Abbas rejects ‘temporary’ Palestine state

Ha’aretz: ‘Construction in West Bank settlements quadrupled since end of temporary freeze’

Religious affairs ministry condemns Aqsa Mosque area destruction

Israeli military invades village near Jenin

Egypt protesters storm security building in Alexandria after reports of officers destroying papers documenting abuses

Hundreds Mark International Woman’s in Qalandiya. See

Zionist are now freaking out out of concern for their PA puppets: “Ayalon implied that it was quite possible tha…

Injuries reported as soldiers fire on protest

Palestine – Intellectual Ignorance Insults Israel

Palestinian activists to launch a campaign on Monday to write on the Israeli money “Free Palestine” as message to the Israelis


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