PA militias summons female students from Najah university

[ 06/03/2011 – 12:07 PM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– The Palestinian authority security militias blatantly overstepped the Palestinian values and norms, and summoned for interrogation a large number of female students at Annajah national university.
Those Palestinian university students were summoned because of their involvement in activities that support a student campaign calling for ending the internal division.

In separate incidents, the PA intelligence refused to release Ahmed Ashtiya who was kidnapped from outside a military court after he received a release decision.

Two prisoners from Silwad town, Ayman Hamid and Mohamed Awadallah, had to pay last week an exorbitant bail of 15, 000 Jordanian dinars in order to be released from PA jails.

The PA preventive security, for its part, released a university student called Adeeb Al-Atrash after six months in prison, while his brother Mohamed is still detained by the intelligence apparatus in Jericho. Both brothers were imprisoned following Bani Naim resistance operation.

The preventive security also released lawyer Isam Suleiman, from Marda village, after he spent 10 months in jail and is still detaining his brother Mohamed who was kidnapped in April last year.

In the context of the security cooperation between the two sides, the Israeli occupation forces kidnapped on Thursday Hashem Abu Turki a few hours after his release from PA jails. The detainee was sentenced by a PA military court to six months in prison following Bani Naim resistance operation.

PA militias summons female students from Najah university.

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