70 Israeli outposts are built on private lands in W. Bank

[ 07/03/2011 – 12:34 PM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Peace Now movement said that about 70 Israeli settlement outposts are built on private Palestinian lands and 16 percent of the West Bank lands has been declared as a state land and used to build settlements on them.

It added that Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu last week declared his intention to evacuate illegal settlement outposts that are located on private Palestinian lands, but this declaration is problematic for it applies to at least three out of 70 outposts.

Peace Now underlined that the number of outposts on private land is 70, not three. 16 of them are fully on private land and 54 are partially on private land, noting that of the 16, 11 are on land which is fully registered as private.

The movement warned that the issue of registered land and unregistered land is key to the issue of outposts, because in many cases, the private lands on which the outposts are built are unregistered.  This opens the door for Israel to eventually declare it as a state land and then begin efforts to legalize the outposts in question.

Israel has already indicated its intention to do precisely this.  For example, there is the outpost of Harasha, which is built on an unregistered private Palestinian land.  When Peace Now appealed to the court against the construction of some houses in Harasha, the Israeli occupation authority responded that it intended to try to declare the land as a state land and then approve the houses.

Meanwhile, Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper said that groups of settlers intend to initiate a publicity campaign to encourage settlement activities in the West Bank.

The newspaper added on Sunday that the campaign is aimed to pressure the Israeli premier to fully expand settlements in the West Bank.

Peace Now: 70 Israeli outposts are built on private lands in W. Bank.

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