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Hamas lauds anti-siege positions of Egypt’s new FM

Resheq: Hamas to launch a comprehensive political initiative

Fatah: Revolutions impact unity efforts

Settler, soldiers open fire on Palestinians

International solidarity team arrives in Gaza

Israel exploits international concern over regional unrest to intensify aggression against Gaza

Amnesty International | Video : Victims of Gaza conflict await justice

Israeli settlers and soldiers attack Palestinians near Nablus: 10 Palestinians, 1 settler injured

3 injured as settlers open fire on Palestinian village

UN and Partners Launch Humanitarian Aid Appeal For Libya Crisis

IOF troops serve demolition notices, detain ten Palestinians including children

Khreisha: PA denying passports to select Gaza citizens

Israeli reports reveal increase in settlement activity, demolitions

Palestinian Nursing Syndicate prepares to send mission to Libya

The new Israeli barrier: a fence that splits Jewish nursery in two

Israeli settlers injure 10 Palestinians

♻Urgent appeal for releasing mother of two kids from Israeli jails

Independent commission to prosecute PA for job discrimination

School girl killed by car near Jerusalem

Meshaal calls for the creation of a new Palestinian reality and reconciliation as a “strategic choice”

Netanyahu in 1987: Shoot to kill stone throwers

Palestinian Boy Summoned to Jerusalem Police Station

Settler, 3 Palestinians hurt in West Bank clashes,7340,L-4038950,00.html

Oxford Women in Black Vigil for Palestine

Israeli Jets Level University Buildings in Gaza

World must not forget about Palestine

Celebrate Palestine: Stores of Resistance festival In London

State: Only 30% of illegal settlement structures razed,7340,L-4038892,00.html

Israeli Army Invades Nablus

Israeli Army Shoots Three Palestinians :

The Middle East Channel: Gaza’s fortunes in a changing Middle East – Foreign Policy

The Green Book of Zionism: “Speaking with France 24 later Monday, however, Gadhafi defended his military’s righ…

Zionism’s baltagiyyah: Hundreds of Israeli settlers attack, harass Palestinians in occupied West Bank


The PalTweets Daily is out!

Israel’s Mahmoud Abbas uses EU cash as a form of blackmail to deprive Palestinians in Gaza of honest labor of PA civil servants.

Remember when you read this: Israeli-backed Abbas PA will stop salary to any PA employee in Gaza who WORKS

Many people still spend nights in the region in the tent cities

Three civilians are injured in Nablus

Israeli Jets Level University Buildings in Gaza – Democracy Now

Court Rules that Film Jenin Jenin Doesn’t Defame Soldiers

Where would we be without Phil? Philip Weiss: A Jewish Argument around the Arab Revolt

Also find Israel Apartheid Week Amman (@IAWAmman) on Facebook:

دعوات لزحف تاريخي نحو فلسطين تحقيقا لعودة اللاجئين Palestin Refugee Return Revolutionary May 15

No Arab who has served Israel has done so for free–NEVER: “Gamal and Alaa Mubarak, the two sons of former Egypt…

AJELive: Attacks against civilians in #Libya may amount to “crimes against humanity”, NATO Sec-Gen, Rasmussen. h…

Massacre in Binjawad, (graphic)

Tunisian PM names new cabinet: Beji Caid Essebsi appoints new caretaker government following a string of resignations.

Protesters dig in at Bahraini financial hub: Hundreds of protesters are camped out in front of Manama’s Financia…

How dare they use the same tactics against non-Palestinians: Israeli liberals outraged: “Palestinian residents o…

Roger Waters: My journey to BDS

Commemorate Land Day 2011 by Joining the Global #BDS Day of Action 30 March 2011

Day of Rage in Gaza “Israeli Fighter Jets Attack Targets in Gaza”

BREAKING:Dr. Mustafa Barghouthi Confined In Hebron; Israeli soldiers confiscate ID


Revolution Continues in Great Lent

MADA Appeals to Stop the Suffering of Journalist al-Titi

Notice to evacuate 15 Jerusalem Appartments

Gaza agriculture sector loses out on $36 million due to Israeli blockade

Hamas detains six+ in Gaza protests

Israel’s negative ratings rise sharply in US, UK, BBC global poll finds

International solidarity team arrives in Gaza

Jerusalem municipality threatens to tear down 36 homes in Beit Hanina

Jewish settlers revel in Ibrahimi Mosque of Al-Khalil

Palestinian teen dies in tunnel collapse

For those not familiar with The Hague Convention (1907): It’s forbidden for occupier by intl law to move it’s own people into occupied territories:

Peace Now: 70 Israeli outposts are built on private lands in W. Bank

Transporters sit in at Karm Abu Salim crossing after Karni closure

6 more detained at Gaza unity rally

15 March Palestine: End the Division

Troops Invade Tana Village, near Nablus, Confiscate Drinking Water

Hamas detains ‘unity’ rally protesters

An Arab Israeli Woman Fighting on All Fronts

Anglican Bishop takes Israel to court

Israeli PM asks Palestinians to resume talks on Gaza gas: sources

Report: Israel may offer ‘interim’ peace plan soon

Red Crescent Shuts Down Services Centers; Employees Outraged

Egyptian revolt is strategic and economic threat to Israel as 60% of gas threatened

First intl delegation arrives in Gaza post-Mubarak

Egypt humanitarian delegation enters Gaza

Updated! Palestinian Prisoners: Over 750.000 Since 1967

Mofaz demands more pressure on Palestinian prisoners

Israeli diplomats speaks out? Well, at least one has done so…

High hopes in Gaza after Egypt names Arabi foreign minister


8th International Quds Conference opens in Khartoum

Settlers provoke Palestinian villagers near Ramallah


Several people injured at the International women’s day demonstration at Qalandiya checkpoint

Wadi Hilweh Information Center: Weekly update on Silwan

Palestinian man married to Jewish woman with son who served in IDF denied permanent visa to live in Israel.

Two indications from Egypt that Gaza blockade will collapse | Mondoweiss

Arab director calls troops ‘dogs’ in court,7340,L-4038674,00.html

Four Arrested, Two Children, in Nighttime Raids; Rafah Tunnel Collapse Kills One

Settlers attacked farmers in Iraq Burin, south of Nablus

Israeli army arrests 4 Palestinians including 2 children in WB –

Gaza food situation tight as Karni crossing closed

#MAR15 is out!

Israel continues to target Khribet Tana: Date 07/03/2011, 11:02 (Jerusalem)

Israeli army arrests 4 Palestinians including 2 children in WB

Time to establish new situation

On 16th march lets trend Rachel Corrie…she was a real mighty heart

Bank notes, a new tool for resisting occupation

Isr soldiers have no prob explaining their crimes in Heb to Breaking the Silen, then why attack when the world sees it

Since when was visiting Sheikh Jarrah enough? Pale civil society is clear to artists: boycott.

Israel and Palestine: Life on both sides of Gaza border – Radio 1

Iranian lawmakers’ trip to Gaza canceled – ISNA

Interesting blog by two women “Life in the Eyes of Two West Bank Students”

GAZA Tunnel collapse kills Gaza man: Date 07/03/2011, 10:19 (Jerusalem)

GAZA Protesting crossing closure, Gaza drivers halt trucks: Date 07/03/2011, 10:13 (Jerusalem)


19th demolition of al araqib today…

US veto delays Palestine peace

Abbas gives Fayyad more time to form cabinet

Gaza food situation tight as Karni crossing closed

Palestinian man killed in Rafah tunnel collapse,7340,L-4038627,00.html
انّا للہ و انّا الیه راجعون

Israeli warplanes raid Gaza

Fayyad hints unity govt. with Hamas

J Street Offers Alternative to AIPAC

Facebook campaign promotes Palestinian freedom, on money

Leftist Israelis face masked policemen at East Jerusalem protest

Amira Hass: The Israeli occupation echoes from Cairo

Israel OKs al-Aqsa construction project

Pink Floyd singer joins cultural boycott of Israel

Israel plans work at contested Jerusalem holy site

Video: Settlers defy razing orders, build on,7340,L-4038566,00.html

UNICEF discusses 2011-2012 plan with Gaza Health Ministry

IOA extends control on Jenin land till 2013

Injuries as soldiers fire on Qalandiya protest

Mishaal calls for establishment of new Palestinian situation

Fatah scattered over Fayyad unity plan

Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics: ‘Construction in West Bank settlements quadrupled since end of temporary freeze’

Gaza drivers on strike over crossing closure (video)

Non-violent Protest Leader in Nabi Saleh taken by Israeli troops

Palestinian President calls for Palestine to Join UN


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