Abbas accepts European initiative for resumption of peace talks

[ 08/03/2011 – 02:31 PM ]


LONDON, (PIC)– De facto president Mahmoud Abbas once again licked the boots of the Europeans and accepted their offer to resume the negotiations with Israel in exchange for freezing settlement activities for a short time.

Despite the scandal of the leaked papers that revealed grave concessions his negotiation team had made during talks with Israelis, Abbas blatantly said yes to the consuls of France, Germany and Britain when they asked him if he was ready to restart these talks with the Israeli side if there was a temporary settlement freeze in the occupied territories of east Jerusalem and the West Bank.

A senior Palestinian authority official told the French news agency AFP on condition of anonymity that after Abbas expressed his readiness, the governments of France, Germany, and Britain moved to revive the halted peace talks between the PA and Israel.

The official noted that the counsels of these three countries met recently with Abbas and explained to him the European initiative to launch the negotiations that stopped after Israel resumed its settlement expansion in the occupied Palestinian territories.

For his part, senior Fatah official Sufyan Abu Zaida said during his meeting with Israeli journalists in a hotel in Jerusalem that the authority of Abbas is more flexible  with the Israeli occupation state than any Palestinian leadership.

He pointed out that Hamas would not make concessions on the prisoner swap deal because it is the only way to release Palestinian prisoners whom Israel refuses to include in any deal, adding that the peace talks cannot help get the prisoners released from Israeli jails.

In a separate incident, the PA security militias kidnapped three Palestinian citizens from Hamas on Monday in the cities of Qalqiliya Nablus, and Al-Khalil.

Abbas accepts European initiative for resumption of peace talks.

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