Ban Ki-moon calls for release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

[ 08/03/2011 – 02:55 PM ]


VIENNA, (PIC)– UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon has called on Israel to free Palestinian political prisoners from its jails, affirming that such a step would boost peace chances in the region.

Ki-moon said in a message delivered on his behalf at an international conference for Palestinian detainees held in Vienna on Monday that the issue of Palestinian detainees is important and urgent.

He opined that releasing those prisoners would help in building bridges of confidence and expedite a just and lasting peace in the region.

The UN Secretary General expressed concern over conditions of those prisoners, adding that the UN was constantly following up their conditions including the 200 minors and the 200 held under administrative custody, that is without trial.

Shifting to another issue, Ki-moon said that big changes were sweeping the Middle East and that it was frustrating to see peace efforts stalled.

He said that among the main obstacles impeding achieving peace was the illegal construction of settlements, which ran in violation of the roadmap plan.

Ban Ki-moon calls for release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails.

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