Batesh: Rights regained by Jihad not negotiations

[ 08/03/2011 – 10:32 AM ]


GAZA, (PIC)– Islamic Jihad movement said that Palestinian resistance factions would not stay arms folded in face of Israeli aggressions, blasting negotiations as a waste of time.

Khaled Al-Batesh, a senior Jihad leader, said in a press statement on Monday that the Israeli threats would not “terrorize us or stop the Jihad march of the Palestinian people”.

He warned that Israel would exploit the world’s preoccupation with ongoing changes in the Arab world to strike Palestinian resistance factions.

Batesh underlined that his movement “believes that there will be no restoration of Palestinian rights without resistance and Jihad”. He said that the settlement option and negotiations only entailed concessions.

“Israel is trying to lure the resistance into revealing its weapons and strength”, the Jihad leader said, adding, however, that resistance factions should not maintain the equation of calm in return for calm as if we are not defending a cause and national constants.

Batesh: Rights regained by Jihad not negotiations.

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