Countries giving money to Palestine are also attacked

Monday, March 7, 2011 – 4:05pm

(UNEDITED) The author of the letter, U.S. seems to condone illegal settlements, seems not to know or don’t want to know the history of the problems between the Palestinians and the Israeli’s and the reasons why we were, and will be again attacked by terrorist’s Israel is not jerking around the Americans, in fact the Palestinians are jerking around the whole world with there phony refugee problems and there phony refugee’s camps.

There were never 800,000 Palestinians that left Palestine in 1948. According to official records of the UN-UNWRA documents there were between 600,000 and 650,00 refugee’s in 1948. Those were forced the become professional refugee’s by the leaders and there allies. Whom by now have grown in to millions and who are kept alive by the UNWRA. The UNWRA collects about 2.3 billion in donation’s from around the world, and guess who donate the most? America. The 2.3 billion does not include the millions that are given to the PA Authority.

When in 1948 the Palestinians with there allies attacked Israel, about 750,000 Jewish people had to flee there homes and property, but we don’t hear them because they were taken care off and not kept as political footballs. The security counsel members should have first study the records of the UN before there decision, with the current members of the counsel, that wishful thinking. But I will try to explain, when the Arabs attacked Israel in 1948 and in 1949 the ceasefire was declared Jordan took the Westbank and made it part of Jordan and Egypt to the Gaza strip and made in part of Egypt. After the 1967 war and Israel defeated Jordan and Egypt, the land that was the Westbank and Gaza strip became disputed land by the UN. Palestine did not existed anymore, therefore there are no illegal settlements. Before all that, there ever was a Palestinian Government, Army, Air Force, Language or the slightest hint of a Palestinian Nation.

If the reason that America was attack on 9-11 because it stands by Israel, supported by 60-65% of the American citizens, how is it possible that country’s who support the Palestinians and donate a lot of money to them them are attacked also? Has the writer noticed that in the 9-11 attack no Palestinians were involved? only terrorist’s who want to make America and Europe Moslem country’s. If you don’t believe this, go talk to the citizens of Europe and check out the the Moslem Brotherhood and Hamas, Hezbollah and Al-Quida. And if the American support of Israel is the reason for the hate and attacks, can we now attack the country’s that support the Palestinians?

Countries giving money to Palestine are also attacked – Standard-Examiner.

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