ICHR: Security coordination with Israel degradation of national dignity

[ 08/03/2011 – 11:42 AM ]


RAMALLAH, (PIC)– The Palestinian Independent Commission for Human Rights (ICHR) has sights set on taking matters to the Palestinian Supreme Court if the adopted ”security survey” is not stopped soon, and has confirmed that Palestinian Authority prisons are rife with inhumane torture.

Mamdouh al-Aker, the Commissioner-General of the ICHR which has a full membership in the UN’s International Coordiation Committee, has spoken on the Watan TV network and given accounts of several human rights violations sweeping the West Bank.

Aker said he received a testimony that one man was detained by the PA’s preventative security agency nine times in Salfit and Ramallah, and that he had been tied up and beaten on sensitive parts while in the Beitunya prison. He said sticks were also used to beat his face and head and other sensitive body parts. He was also intentionally beaten on the feet where he had undergone surgery.

ICHR has revealed statements indicating that T.D. had been arrested for political reasons by preventative security in Al-Khalil directly after he was released from the Negev prison, and that A.S. of Al-Khalil was tied up and not permitted to sleep in the general intelligence detention facility in Al-Khalil.

Aker revealed documents revealing that the ministry of education in the West Bank had refused to hire several individuals as public officials because of disapproval of PA security agencies.

He emphasized the necessity to correct the doctrine of the PA security agencies so that they are built primarily on the grounds that ”Israel is the main enemy of the Palestinians as long as the occupation remains and continues to violate the rights of the people.”

He also emphasized the need to define the concept of ”terrorism”, a term used politically to persecute certain individuals, and expressed regret that it remained undefined in Palestine, which has lead to definition according to Israeli views.

He went on to explain that security coordination with Israel must be subjected to several standards and regulations, including firstly disclosure of the transparency of areas of the coordination, and that it is done bilaterally, and that abiding by signed agreements is subjected to the criterion of reciprocity so that the Palestinians are bound by an agreement and not the other party.

He read from records revealing that a PA security officer had explained during a meeting with Amos Gilad ”the progress of the Palestinian security apparatuses in maintaining order and security and fighting crime and terrorism, and the apparatuses’ intentions to build special forces according to the model set by Jordan and Egypt.”

”Are the Jordan or Egyptian security models before the Egyptian popular revolution models we seek to follow?!” Aker questioned.

According to records from another meeting, a security official complains to US General Jones, stationed in the West Bank, after Palestinian police had entered Nablus city, that Israel had announced through media without coordinating with the PA that the next step of deployment of PA security forces would be in Jenin, while the plan inside Palestine had already stated that Al-Khalil would be the next station after Nablus and not Jenin.

Aker described the situation as ”degradation” of national dignity, and warned of the danger of one-sided security coordination, which ultimately called dictation instead of coordination.

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ICHR: Security coordination with Israel degradation of national dignity.

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