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Unity Protests March 15:
♻Urgent appeal for releasing mother of two kids from Israeli jails
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All about Gaza Cast Lead War Memorial  | Updates, News, Sources:
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Israel Kidnapped 80 Jerusalem Children Since Beginning of 2011 | #zionism #palestine

iRemember… | الشهداء

Is Israel Ready for the New Middle East?

A Comment on Saeb Erekat’s Statement in the Palestine Chronicle

EU Funds Data Center for Palestinian Courts

American Methodist Church Calls for End to Settlements

Bethlehem Celebrates International Women’s Day with Protest

UN paves way for no-fly zone as Nato steps up surveillance of Libya

‘No Palestine without Jordan Valley’,7340,L-4039559,00.html

Britain, Palestine Meet on Middle East Peace Process

Beit Ummar demonstrators block settler road

Temporary Injunction Issued against Tender for Building Plots in Lifta Village

Freedom Flotilla coalition asks governments to ensure safety of passengers:

Flotilla to set sail to Gaza in May

Today, remember Ahlam At-Tamimi, from Ramallah, held hostage by the zionist entity since 14.09.2001

UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Vienna, 7-8 March 2011) – Plenary II – Press release 08/0…

UN International Meeting on the Question of Palestine (Vienna, 7-8 March 2011) – Plenary I – Press release 07/03/2011:

Saudi minister: World oil supply ‘very adequate’

South Hebron community faces demolitions

Ma’an, UNESCO hold safety training for Gaza journalists

Palestinian women rally for unity on Women’s Day

Netanyahu: Jordan Velley would remain under Israeli control

Israel arrests Palestinian businessman residing in UAE

IOF serves more demolition notices

IOF troops raid southern Gaza

Face to face with police violence in Sheikh Jarrah

New evidence condemns Egyptian security in Yousef Abu Zuhri death

Arrests, demolition warnings in Beit Ummar

Tank runs over car with a family inside,smoke of tank seen as it continues on as if nothing #LIBYA
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Brave #Gaza women march for end to Fatah-Hamas discord and demand national unity . (English article) #Mar15

Is it actually illegal to boycott #Israel in the US? Here are the facts from the National Lawyers Guild:


Qatari grant of $10 million to support Gaza fishermen

Zionist-Inflicted Crisis in Gaza

Interior Ministry revokes Anglican bishop’s residency permit

Soldiers Attack Sit-in in Southern West Bank

Abbas accepts European initiative for resumption of peace talks

Israeli Statistics Bureau reveals that settlement construction quadrupled in the past 5 months

Bethlehem Celebrates International Women’s Day with Protest

Gaza workmen protesting Israel’s closure of Mintar crossing

Israel changes names of Jerusalemite streets into Hebrew ones

Palestinian Figure Stresses Effects of Recent Uprisings on Palestine

Hundreds rally in West Bank, Gaza for Women’s Day

International Women’s Day in Palestine 2011

Ban Ki-moon calls for release of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails

Israel begins to outline the “temporary state” they plan to offer to the Palestinians

Israel looks to cash in on upheaval in the Middle East; may request $20 billion more in military aid from the US

AJELive: AJE correspondent in #Bahrain says that protest at Gulf Hotel today and financial harbour was poorly attended.

Palestinian Gov’t: Remove Hamas from Terror List – Christian Broadcasting Network

Day of Rage in Nablus “13 injured when Israeli settlers and army attack the village”

Life in Gaza on International Women’s Day


Temporary Injunction against New Building in Palestinian Village Destroyed in 1948

Soldiers Attack Sit-in in Southern West Bank

Settlers to diplomats: Go home!

It’s a Myth That Israelis Support a Two-State Solution

Hamas: Gazans will turn Knesset into Tahrir square

IDF protects thorns, detains Palestinians

Netanyahu: Israel must hold Jordan River line

Israeli foundation granted permission to build bridge on Maghariba gate

Haneyya congratulates his Egyptian counterpart on prime ministry

Construction rises by 60 per cent since US settlement activity veto

IOA extends administrative detention of Amara an hour before his release

ICHR: Security coordination with Israel degradation of national dignity

Egypt’s ambassador promises big change in policy towards Gaza

Troops Arrest Eight Civilians and Distribute Demolition Orders to Villagers in the West Bank

Zahhar: Palestine’s liberation from the occupation will come true

Batesh: Rights regained by Jihad not negotiations

Nine Palestinians wounded in armed settlers’ attack

Palestinian refugees in Libya appeal for evacuation

Army To Demolish Homes, Barns, Near Jenin

Settlers Injure 3 Near Nablus

Gisha: Israeli Defense Ministry Only Allow Christian Worshippers to Leave Gaza

After UK FM Hague Upgrades Palestinian Delegation, Abbas to Meet with Cameron

Pink Floyd Singer Joins Cultural Boycott of Israel

Settlers provoke Palestinian villagers near Ramallah

West Bank wind of change

Britain To Upgrade Palestinian Delegation To A Mission Status

Israel and the Coming Revolution

‘Freedom Fleet 2’ flotilla to sail to Gaza Strip in May,7340,L-4039182,00.html


Haneya calls new Egyptian premier, seeks end of Israeli siege “:

It’s all on the walls, graffiti history of palestine

UN Mtg on Palestinian political prisoners (Vienna) – read statements

Stop Israel’s Blood Diamond Trade:

Considerations for a new Egyptian government -By Tamer Bahgat and Khalid El-Sherif

El Araqib Destroyed for 21st time, JNF Changing Facts on Ground

Nine Palestinians Injured by Settlers and Israeli Army in Nablus District

Settlers Injure 3 Near Nablus: The Ma’an News Agency reports that settlers shot and injured three Palestin…

Israeli forces open fire on southern Gaza Strip

Young Palestinian and Israeli politicians hold meetings – Radio 1

Israeli Seeks $20 Billion in US Aid: The Israeli government is planning to head to the United States to as…

“David Project” attempts to respond to Israel Apartheid Week 2011

Israel to demolish Palestinian homes near Jenin

Gaza youth breaks out | ALJAZEERA VIDEO

History They Don’t Teach in USA ,P1 Zionism and Terrorism : #zionism #Apartheid #Palestine @ifamericansknew

Gilad Atzmon: Captain Israel- A Sickening Hasbara Magazine For Jewish Diaspora Youngsters

Hasbara for Dummies – Insulting Our Intelligence

Rafah to resume pre-Mubarak operations: Date 08/03/2011, 10:13 (Jerusalem)

Video — مخطط إسرائيلي جديد لترحيل الفلسطينيين من القدس

Video — مشعل مستقبل القضية الفلسطينية بات بأيدي جيل جديد

Mofaz demands more pressure on Palestinian detainees

Egypt’s anti-siege positions are positive

Settler, soldiers open fire on Palestinians

Flotilla 2: We demand world to protect us

Israeli Apartheid: A Socialist View

In Mideast revolts, women emerge as driving force

Palestinian Prisoners: Over 750.000 Since 1967

Gaza’s Ministry Of Detainees Calls On Egypt To Release Palestinians Prisoners

Settlers resume illegal construction in Havat Gilad,7340,L-4039119,00.html

Hamas Police Detains Six Protestors In Gaza

Army To Demolish Homes, Barns, Near Jenin

133 Palestinians held in Israel’s jails for over 20 years

US group fights ban on Israel ‘war crime’ bus ads

Countries giving money to Palestine are also attacked

Hamas leader says to reshuffle government

Gaza: Lift Restrictions on Books, Newspapers

The Zionist Regime Under The Shadow of Inattention

Israel plans to evacuate illegal settlements

MUST READ! Screams of a Prisoner Boy at the UN

Escape to a World of Palestinian Surprises

Anti-boycott bill passes 1st Knesset reading,7340,L-4039080,00.html

13 injured when Israeli settlers and army attack the village of Qusra

West Bank clashes: Settlers stoned injured Palestinians,7340,L-4039063,00.html

Life in Gaza on International Women’s Day

An Urgent Call to Release Detainee Ahmad Asfour


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