Jordan bans products made in West Bank settlements

[ 09/03/2011 – 09:37 AM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– Jordan has placed a ban on all goods produced in Israeli settlements established on the Palestinian territories, the Jordanian daily Al Arab Al Yawm reported on Tuesday.

The government has created a list of Israeli companies and factories that operate fully or partially in settlements inside Palestine and has dispatched those names to the Jordan customs department to ensure that their products are not imported, informed sources told the newspaper.

Similarly, Jordanian minister of industry and trade Hani Mulki has requested that customs take necessary measures to ensure that the products of more than 220 settlement companies are banned.

A document issued by the Arab League mission in Germany states that the operation of such factories inside Palestinian territories is a ”flagrant violation and deliberate disregard of all international laws and resolutions, and a breach of human rights and the advisory opinion of the International Court of Justice.”

Jordan bans products made in West Bank settlements.

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