Man loses vision after tortured in Israel custody

[ 09/03/2011 – 09:34 AM ]


WEST BANK, (PIC)– A Palestinian man has called for aid in a required cornea transplant after losing sight while detained in Israeli occupation jails.

Hamza Sam Qaaqour said he requires a cornea transplant in his right eye after he lost his sight due to ”deliberate medical neglect” he encountered when he complained of a sight impairment he suffered ensuing wounds inflicted on him during interrogation.

Qaaqour said he was brutally beaten and tied up in awkward positions in the Jalma interrogation center, and was later hospitalized twice. He also suffered from a slipped disc in the spine.

He said his family had been appealing to rights groups for intervention for years but without success.

He asserted that the loss of vision was due to direct hits to the face and his six month stay in the dark cells of the Jalma investigation center.

Man loses vision after tortured in Israel custody.

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