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Unity Protests March 15:
♻Urgent appeal for releasing mother of two kids from Israeli jails
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All about Gaza Cast Lead War Memorial  | Updates, News, Sources:
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Israel Kidnapped 80 Jerusalem Children Since Beginning of 2011 | #zionism #palestine

iRemember… | الشهداء

Western powers still don’t know how to deal with Arab democracy

No Justice for Killing of Palestinian


Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Not Guilty. The Israeli Captain who Emptied his Rifle into a Palestinian Schoolgirl

One you all been waiting for, Britain2Gaza, #b2g, British vessel joining the freedom flotilla to #Gaza in May 2011 iA

Must Read & See : Palestinians Living in Refugee Camps

The Forgotten Palestinian Refugees of #Libya | My article for @GlobalVoices

When hasbarists lose all critical thought: students feature IDF soldier who attacked flotilla during ‘Israel Peace Week

New video highlights racism: “South Tel Aviv is for Jews”, “Are you willing to bring a ‘Darkie’ homie?”:

al-Qassam Brigades fighter killed on mission in southern Gaza

Israel’s Counterproductive Spin Machine

Thousands in Bahrain protest: Mostly Shia protesters demand changes be made to country’s naturalisation policy, …

AJELive: A group called Topple The Tyrants occupy the £10m London Mansion of Saif Al Islam Gaddafi, in solidarit…

PLO to assess peace process with Israel – Arab News

Amnesty: #Yemen urged to halt ‘deadly night raids’ and other attacks on protestors

Kissinger urges Obama: Grant clemency to Jonathan Pollard Israel, Obama, AIPAC

Queens College Hillel apparently recruiting students to join IDF: Facebook event:

Take a look at this video — Libya fighting: Ras Lanuf, Zawiyah, Bin Jawad

Take a look at this video — Islamic Relief UK :
#Libya Update 5

EU source: Gadhafi emissary en route for Portugal

Massive Lebanon sit-in protesting UNRWA refugee services decline

Palestinian factions start meeting on national unity

Israel insists on occupation

European rights groups to hold Friday Palestinian POW talks at UN in Geneva

Denmark Upgrades Palestinian Delegation to Mission

George Galloway: Gaza war as bad as Holocaust

US counter-terrorism training ‘presents Islam as inherently violent’

Israeli settlers attack unarmed Palestinian villagers in their homes

New York University Israel Club invites Mavi Marmara attacker to ‘peace’ event

Gaza’s popular resistance committees claim Egypt to life siege as ambassador promises ‘big changes’

Jonathan Cook: Netanyahu’s illusory peace plan

Sufa crossing – closed since 2008 – opened for ‘test’ gravel import in surprise move

Resistance group says Egypt signals siege will end

53 #Israel Civil Society Organizations Send Letter to Knesset in Opposition of Boycott Prohibition Bill –

THIS FRIDAY: A project we supported gave cameras to Palestinian refugee children. Check out what they took photos of :

Inside Ras Jdir camp on the Libyan border with Tunisia

Ministry of prisoners appreciates Ban Ki-moon’s statement

PA to slash cost of medications

Unity rally will not be co-opted, organizers say

Netanyahu names new national security adviser

Tel Aviv criticizes Britain’s upgrade of Palestinian diplomatic status

Foreign policies of Egyptian youth: Zionists will really freak out: So there was a confrontation between Egyptia…

International Women’s Day celebrated in Gaza

Egyptian authorities still refuse to allow travel of dozens of Gazans

Resistance fighter from Al-Qassem dies in special mission yesterday

Hammad lauds campaign, “citizen’s dignity and police’s prestige” in Gaza

Committees Begin Updating Registration Lists for Upcoming Local Election

OPT: Cancer care crisis in Gaza

PA debts see Jordan cancer center halt referrals

Declassified: Massive Israeli manipulation of US media exposed

Israeli forces detain 4 from Hebron area

Sufa crossing opens for ‘test’ Gaza gravel import

The Long Arab Revolution

Arab uprisings hit Israeli-Palestinian peace process

Egypt-Israeli relations continue to cool

The new Israeli biometric ID cards (Hebrew link)

Reports on clashes in #Tahrir now…#Jan25

Pics – Al-Arakib bedouin village demolished yet again. #Palestine

World looks at Israel as it looked at Apartheid-era South Africa

Flotilla activists call on countries to warn Israel and protect their own citizens

Karni crossing closure defended by Israel as ‘good for security and Gaza imports’

Israeli preparations to quell any Palestinian mass uprising in W. Bank

Gaza: Tunnel worker dies in latest collapse

Elections committee opens voter registration

Aid groups fear Gaza food situation after crossing closed

Hamas: PA detain 7 members in West Bank

Gush Shalom: Boycott Prohibition Law Erode Democracy and Freedom of Speech

1,000 Palestinians take to the streets after Lod home demolition

Amid silence on regional unrest, debate rages inside Israel – GlobalPost

ISRAEL: Corruption And Suicidal Tendencies – Strategy Page

Hamas: PA detain 7 members in West Bank

ليبيا | الجزيرة عاجل: إقلاع ٣ طائرات تابعة لعائلة القذافي إلى ثلاثة وجهات مختلفة
BREAKING AJE reporting three…

Gaza: Tunnel worker dies in latest collapse: Date 09/03/2011, 13:02 (Jerusalem)

Al-Arakib Demolished Yet Again

Aid groups fear Gaza food situation after crossing closed – Hurriyet Daily News

Lod Residents Protest Home Demolitions

Israel trusts Gaza Christians over Muslims

Palestinian President Refuses Israeli Proposition

Palestinian Youth Demand National Unity, Stand Against Attempts to Co-opt March 15 Protest

Former prisoner affairs minister denies rumored Juneid Prison death:

IOF troops storm Jenin villages, detain 8 West Bankers

Jordan bans products made in West Bank settlements

Action Alert: Palestinian Prisoners

Man loses vision after tortured in Israel custody

Media forum lashes out at Abbas authority

Ministry of prisoners: 10,000 women kidnapped by Israel since 1968

Qatari aid arrives in Gaza

IDF is preparing for mass civil uprising in West Bank

IDF hopes Palestinians will be violent

Al Qassam Brigades mourns Abdul Hamid abu Ghali

Video: zionism at work on the streets of the UK _ be prepared to be shocked by what you hear

Hamas: Gazans will turn Knesset into Tahrir square

Israelis Preparing for Potential Non-Violent Palestinian Uprising

Avian flu diagnosis to see 15,000 Bethlehem birds slaughtered: Date 09/03/2011, 10:11 (Jerusalem)

Israeli Prime Minister vows to maintain military occupation of Jordan Valley

10 Palestinians injured and 6 hospitalised after clashes with settlers near Nablus

An Experiment in provocation

Boycott – yes, it works

IOF serves more demolition notices

Israeli army storms villages in Jenin –

Restricted in al-Walaja

Fayyad: No solution, no state without Jordan Valley

Palestinian found dead in west Jerusalem

Palestinian worker killed in tunnel collapse

AICafe 12.3: Israel Apartheid Week in Beit Sahour – Have You Heard from Johannesburg?

Is Israel Ready for the New Middle East?

A Comment on Saeb Erekat’s Statement in the Palestine Chronicle

(Rabbis For Human RIghts) First achievement Lufta rescue: קראו על ההצלחה הראשונה שרשמנו בקואליציה להצלת ליפתא

Abbas hints at resignation

UN international Meeting on Question of Palestine, in Outcome Text, Stresses Need to ‘Internationalize’ Issue of Palestinian Political Prisoners

Gould says UK won’t yet recognize Palestinian state – Jerusalem Post

“Tahrir March of Women”: International Women’s Day in Tel Aviv

Army Does Not Believe It Can Contain A Widespread Revolution In The West Bank

The Penny has dropped

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