IOA expels Jerusalemite family from part of its home

[ 10/03/2011 – 11:21 AM ]


OCCUPIED JERUSALEM, (PIC)– Israeli occupation authorities are expected to force a Palestinian family to evacuate their home in Ras Al-Amud in occupied eastern Jerusalem after 11-year court battle with American millionaire and settler patron.

Hebrew daily Haaretz reported the news, adding, “Right-wing Israelis are expected to move into a room in an East Jerusalem Palestinian family’s home on Monday, after a court sided with their claim”.

The paper’s report said:
“The Hamdallah family and American millionaire and settler patron Irving Moskowitz have been fighting an 11-year court battle over the home. Now, authorities are expected to force the Hamdallahs to evacuate a room and their yard to make way for Israelis, who are likely to encumber their neighbors’ day-to-day routine.

The Palestinian family has lived in the area since 1952. Through his representatives and emissaries in Israel, Moskowitz has waged a multi-year legal battle to evict the family.

In 2005, the Jerusalem District Court ruled that the Palestinian family was legally obligated to evacuate parts of the home built after 1989. They would keep older parts of the home due to the statute of limitations on Moskowitz’s claims.

Sixteen Palestinians live in the disputed home. A couple and a child live in the bedroom that the court ordered vacated.

“Three people live in this room,” said Khaled Hamdallah, a family member. “We don’t know what to do. I don’t even care anymore. I feel like dying. They want to throw us out completely. The police is with them, the judges are with them. So what’s the point?””

IOA expels Jerusalemite family from part of its home.

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