Hamdan: Hamas initiative based on the resistance option and liberation

[ 11/03/2011 – 04:40 PM ]


AMMAN, (PIC)– Osama Hamdan, The head of Hamas’s external relations department, asserted Thursday that his movement’s new reconciliation initiative was based on the resistance option, liberation, and to end the occupation.

In an interview with the Jordanian Al-Sabeel newspaper, Hamdan said that the new initiative took into consideration the new political developments in the Palestinian arena and the Arab world, especially after the secret documents that were obtained and unveiled by Al-Jazeera satellite TV channel that accused a number of  high-ranking officials in the PA in Ramallah of compromising the Palestinian national constants.

“We must learn lessons from the past rounds of Hamas-Fatah meetings, yet what was on the table in the past will, definitely, be unacceptable after the new developments in the Palestinian arena”, Hamdan pointed out.

He added that the reconciliation project that Hamas offers could engage all sectors of Palestinian society and all Palestinian factions that resist the Israeli enemy now and even the factions that would adopt the resistance as an option at their convenient time.

“The national reconciliation couldn’t be built on sharing positions between a team that tied itself completely to the Israeli occupation and another that fights the Israeli occupation. The big question here is that does the team that linked itself to the Israeli occupation want indeed to end the political rift?”, Hamdan highlighted.

In addition, Hamdan said that the statement of Fatah leader nabil Sha’ath on Fatah’s willingness to take all the reservations of Hamas on the “Egyptian paper” came late, and it was clear that Fatah wanted to save itself from the crises it confronted after the revelations of Al-Jazeera.

He also pointed out that Fatah doesn’t have united opinion as many Fatah officials issue contradicting statements with regard to Hamas, quoting the statement of Majid Faraj, the PA intelligence chief, who, according to Hamdan, put it straight forward that the PA security forces in the West Bank were linked to the Israeli occupation, and thus, any integration of Hamas cadres in the security forces would stop the financial support from “Israel” to the PA security forces.

“If Fatah was indeed sincere in achieving national reconciliation, it should have stopped arresting members of Hamas in the West Bank, and it should have released all political detainees of Hamas and other Palestinian factions from the PA jails” Hamdan underscored.

Hamdan: Hamas initiative based on the resistance option and liberation.

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