What The Media Forgets About Israel

by S. Karam on March 11, 2011 at 5:49 am

I am a Lebanese Christian. I am a Lebanese Maronite Catholic to be exact.  I usually see in the media what Israel does to the Muslims in the country, and often times [although I think it is done intentionally] the Christian community and what it faces from Israel is not mentioned. Many people actually may be thinking “This girl is Lebanese, what does she know?” – well I know.

My older sister, Jezelle, is married to a Christian man in Palestine. She actually lives there too, in a beautiful town called Aylaboun. So we talk quite a bit about Palestine, its Christians, and how they live. You see, the West has often ignored them, so they can benefit from their brainwashing tactics. If the Christians of the USA believe that Palestinian Christians are in trouble, then the USA can stand up and “defend them”. Thats a bunch of bologna. My sister said one thing to me, and I will never forget this – “us Christians in Palestine are Palestinian Nationalists, we believe in Palestine, not in Israel. But that doesn’t get in the way of being a good Christian. The two are synonymous”. And really they are. I mean if you don’t believe in Palestine as a Christian, your supporting murder, rape, ethnic/religious cleansing, and violence – Christ doesn’t believe in that – in fact, he preached against it, that was his message.

But then again, we have the “Christian’s are attacked by Muslims daily” rubbish. I call it rubbish because it IS rubbish. My sister tells my dad all the time – she wishes Lebanon’s Christians and Muslims were just as united as the Palestinians are. Priests hide the Muslim freedom fighters, and that is well known, they support the cause around the world, and are literally the first to tell you that Palestine IS NOT Israel.

So what does the media forget about Israel, in it’s attempts to brainwash the entire western world? It forgets to mention the thousands of Palestinian Christians who were murdered when Israel was created.  It forgets to mention the thousands of displaced Palestinian Christians who faced a mass exodus. They forget to mention the Christian town of Aylaboun, who’s story has gone forgotten.

For those who are interested, when Israel was created, Israeli forces entered the town of Aylaboun. The Christians there were determined to not leave their land and decided to enter the town’s church to take refuge. Among them were 25 Muslims from a neighboring village. They hid in the church while they put a large white flag on its entrance… they surrendered but refused to leave. The Israeli forces entered and the church and shot randomly – they killed 45 men and those who survived were taken to Lebanon’s border and dropped off.

Daily, the Zionist Settlers attack Christians, attack churches, harass the priests, verbally slander the nuns and whats worse, take pride in doing so. My sister tells me the brutality against Christians is sometimes, yes believe it, worse than the attacks on Muslims. But the media ignores this. Schools ignore this. And instead of making this known, they talk about rockets flying in from “Muslim Gaza”. Did you know that a study from 1993 stated that Palestinian Christians are more prone than the rest of the population, to take the difficult decision of leaving Palestine? No – I am sure you didn’t. And it is NOT because of Muslim attacks. I wish the world would wake up and realize that your media is biased, your media is fake, and your media is filled with lies!

Don’t believe me? Watch these

Go back to Jesus? Gladly. Wake up media! Wake up! Islam is not the enemy, Israel does not treat us Christians well, and they never will. We face the same fate as Muslims in Palestine – your media doesnt want you to know. Ask yourself why.

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