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STATEMENT Regarding Attempts to Co-opt March 15th Protests | فلسطين لنا: بيان توضيحي عن فعالية الخامس عشر (15) من آذار

Meet the people bringing down the division

Settlers attecked Palestinian Houses,7340,L-4041114,00.html

Fayyad Denounces Stabbing That Led To The Death Of Settler Family

AIPAC’s Newest Strategy: Have the US Congress saying, in unison: “there is no #Palestinian partner.”

The Dwarfs

Massacring Truth: The Story of Jenin Jenin

Jailed Bil’in protest organizer to be released on Sunday

British coalition to join Freedom Flotilla 2 to besieged Gaza

If HAMAS is a Terrorist Organization, What Does That Make Israel?

Killings provoke Israeli ‘manhunt’

Settlers threaten Palestinian villagers near Ramallah

Settlers raid villages across West Bank

UN slams Israel’s demolition of 96 Palestinian homes since start of 2011

IOF troops launch large-scale arrest campaign in Orta, settlers attack Burin

Interior ministry: Kidnapping Abu Seesi “Zionist piracy”

Hamas, sends condolences to Japan:

Geneva Palestinian POW conference names 2011 the year of women

Fayyad condemns killing of five Jewish settlers near Nablus

Confrontations spread throughout Silwan

PA detains 9 Palestinians at Allenby crossing

Cameron shows his Zionist face

Israeli Troops Attacks Awarta Village; Search Homes and Arrest 20 Civilians

Gaza celebrates; Fayyad condemns,7340,L-4041106,00.html

Israel Holds Abbas Responsible for Killing of Five Settlers

Organizers of “Day of Reconciliation” assert independence from the partisan control.

5 settlers Killed.Daily in Palestine:Life killed before it is born: @ifamericansknew
(only click if you can bare it!)

Tear gas fired by Israelis ejects woman, two children from Silwan home

Israeli Radio: Soldier Reported Missing, Settlers Bus Attack, Homemade-Shells Hit Negev

Israel Raids Nablus Area Villages Following Fatal Attack on Settlement

Palestinians call for ‘third Intifada’

GYBO: It was an attempt from Gaza government and the political movement to contain and hijack our efforts. #Mar15
GYBO: GYBO and the 2 other groups working on ending the division have NOTHING to do with the press conference that was held today in #Gaza. #Mar15

Settler Family Stabbed to Death in Northern West Bank

Five Israelis Killed in Attack on Settlement

Health Ministry curbs dialysis visits for Strip’s kidney patients

Five Israeli settlers killed in Itamar

‘Fence alert system was not activated’,7340,L-4041042,00.html

Sheikh Salah: The Arab uprisings renewed hope for Palestinian liberation

Dozens injured in clashes across the West Bank

Israeli soldiers invade Jenin area

Nablus area closed after attack on settlement

Ufree: Palestinians have broken world prison time record

5 Palestinian patients seek access to hospital –

Nablus area closed after attack on settlement

PA recalibrating its strategy – Daoud Kuttab

Jews for Justice: US Boat to Gaza

VIDEO: “Walls of Division” with Pink Floyd’s Roger Waters

Freedom Flotilla 2 calls upon governments for protection of its citizens

Israeli army attacks peaceful protest in Nabi Saleh

5 settlers killed, all news flooded,no 1 talks about israeli genocides:

Israel response

Tens of thousands in Gaza march demanding national unity

Danish Security Group G4S drops West Bank services


Gas fired in family home in Bir Ayyub

PFLP leader: Reconciliation efforts failed

Palestinians urge reconciliation, unity

Police: 5 killed in attack on Israel settlement

Support on Facebook for Palestinian uprising

Israeli Planes Strike Gaza University

On the 100th Anniversary of International Women’s Day Palestinian Women’s Rights Remain Under Siege

Erasing links to the land in the Negev

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