Ufree: Palestinians have broken world prison time record

[ 12/03/2011 – 08:14 AM ]


GENEVA, (PIC)– The Palestinians have broken world records in prison time, said Mohammed Hamdan, the director-general of the Oslo-based European Network to Support the Rights of Palestinian Prisoners (Ufree).

Ufree has staged the ”working for justice” conference promoting the Palestinian POW cause at the symbolic UN headquarters in Geneva.

”More than 750,000 Palestinians have passed through the Israeli prisons, and at least 6,000 remain there in captivity,” Hamdan said in a press statement to promote the conference due for Friday and Saturday. ”The Palestinian captives have broken world records in captivity time.”

He added that the conference was ”aimed at turning the world’s attention to the serious crime and injustice on prisoners for decades.”

Hamdan said the conference will be attended by parliamentarians and rights groups from Europe, Asia, and America and has no political dimensions.

In an incident related to the Palestinian prisoners’ suffering in Israeli jails, the Waed Captives and Liberators Society in Palestine has reported that the Israeli Nafha prison has denied prisoners access to hot water and cut down on the hours of supply.

Waed says the step is part of a ”systematic policy to crack down on the prisoners.”

Ufree: Palestinians have broken world prison time record.

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