Geneva conference: 2011 a year for Palestinian women in Israeli jails

[ 13/03/2011 – 12:50 PM ]


GENEVA, (PIC)– 2011 was declared as the year of Palestinian female prisoners during the first international conference on the rights of Palestinian detainees in Israeli jails which concluded its sessions in Geneva on Saturday evening.

The conferees discussed in details on Friday and Saturday at the UN headquarters and the conference palace in Geneva the incarceration condition of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails as well as in other countries’ prisons.

The effective participation of Swiss, French, British and Greek political activists in the conference clearly reflected that the suffering of Palestinian prisoners is no longer an internal Palestinian affair and that the policy of deception and disinformation used by Israel does not work anymore with the international community.

The European network to support the rights of the Palestinian prisoners, one of the main organizers of the conference, stated that it would make 2011 a year for the support of Palestinian women imprisoned in Israeli jails.

Indonesian lawmaker Nour Hayati, for her part, said her country would host next year an international conference on the support of Palestinian women.

Swiss, French and British politicians called in their speeches for increasing international pressure on Israel in order to isolate it and for prosecuting its officials in international courts.

The European network also revealed that it formed a group of media and legal committees to activate the issue of Palestinian prisoners and file complaints on their behalf with international tribunals, and declared its intention to establish a number of projects for the support of prisoners and their families.

Geneva conference: 2011 a year for Palestinian women in Israeli jails.

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