Hamas members summoned by PA militias following death of settlers

[ 13/03/2011 – 04:39 PM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– The Palestinian authority security militias summoned many Palestinian citizens affiliated with Hamas Movement on Saturday after the killing of five Jewish settlers from Itamar settlement in Nablus city.

Local sources stated that dozens of summonses were handed to Hamas members in different West Bank cities, mostly in Jenin.

De facto president Mahmoud Abbas held last night an emergency meeting with his security officers and a number of Fatah officials after Israeli premier Benjamin Netanyahu asked him to help arrest the perpetrators.

In another context, ex-detainees released from PA jails said their jailers and interrogators especially from the preventive security discarded large quantities of documents and files through burning them.

Prisoners released from detention centers of the preventive security apparatus affirmed they saw through their blindfolds or holes from their cells officers setting fire to thousands of papers after removing them from files.

The PA security apparatuses seem to have taken such step to avoid what happened to Egyptian security officials and politicians following the popular revolution in their country and to prevent the leaking of such papers to the media.

In a separate incident, a senior PA intelligence officer blocked the southwestern entrance to Ramallah city separating seven of its villages from the occupied cities of Ramle and Jerusalem.

Officer Jamal Al-Amwasi used sand barriers to block the road forcing thousands of Palestinian citizens to use remote bypasses patrolled by Israeli troops in order to reach Ramallah.

The officer exploited his post and acted individually without considering the public interest because he only does not want vehicles to pass near his house, Palestinian citizens said.

Hamas members summoned by PA militias following death of settlers.

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