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Consequences of Israeli Chemical Weapons

Recognizing Palestine: Estonia’s Iceland Moment

Israeli government approves 500 new settler homes as punishment for murder of family

Palestine: Beware the Ides of March

Consequences of Israeli Weapons Testing

Freshman Republican Congress: Elected to serve Israeli Interests?

Palestinian Youth Movement: Cherries not Strawberries!!

Barak warns against ‘political tsunami’,7340,L-4041785,00.html

Israel approves 500 new homes in West Bank settlements in response to Itamar attack

Haniyeh contacts Egyptian FM

Richard Silverstein: The kidnapping of Dirar Abu Seesi

Palestinian police ‘won’t intervene in unity demos’

Settlers throw Molotov cocktails at cars in Nablus

Jerusalem should be a neutral city say European voters

Group denies involvement in settler attack

Strapped Gazans buy Israeli cast-off clothes

University student arrested at a checkpoint of Beit Furik

The Israeli army continues its military operation in Awarta for a second day in a row

While you were watching the quake & tsunami, Israel steals more Palestinian land

Army removes Mubarak statue from Shura Council premises

Gaddafi: A Legend in His Own Mind

Undercovers try to recruit Silwan’s children to the role of informants

ARAB UPRISINGS: Time to Quit Playing al Qaeda’s Card: Dr. Ashraf Ezzat As Arabs are willing to …

Saudis hold protest in Riyadh

Israeli troops attack Palestinian worshipers at Aqsa Mosque

Women stage anti-political detention protests at Al-Khalil government office

Israel Approves Homes in West Bank Settlements; Settlers attacks Targeting Palestinians Continue

IOA refuses visits to detainees in Hawara

Strike following Karni closure ends Sunday:

West Bank: Palestinian vehicles stoned, set on fire,7340,L-4041716,00.html

The Itamar victimization dance is disgusting

Hamas members summoned by PA militias following death of settlers

Remember Palestine: New Wave of Resistance: Lauren Booth interviews Dave Randall …

Israeli Forces Reimpose Curfew on Awarta use lot of violence, dogs and teargas

Palestinian prisoners rights conf. held in Geneva

British coalition to join Freedom Flotilla 2 to besieged Gaza

NEW 2011 POLL: 45% of Europeans believe that Hamas should be INCLUDED in Israel-Palestine peace talks!

Palestinians honor Fatah terrorist, despite Israel’s protests – Ha’aretz

Abbas aide: Israel’s approval of West Bank homes ‘unacceptable’ – Ha’aretz

Haneyya gov’t warns of exploiting Itamar incident to escalate aggression

Europeans divided on Israel


GYBO: The Popular movement to end the division consists of 3 groups (GYBO, the 15th of march youth group, and the fifth of may youth group) #Mar15″
GYBO: #Mar15 is the day where Palestinians will tell the leaders; Enough!
GYBO: Hammas and fateh should listen to the people instead of playing politics on them. #Mar15
GYBO: Hammas and fateh are trying to contain us by all means. The youth movement is announcing that fateh and hammas aren’t invited to #Mar15
GYBO leaders stopped giving news, as journalist @chartrlu tweets that they got interrupted by #Gaza govt forces during interview. #Mar15

Israel approves 500 new Jews-only homes in occupied West Bank in “response” to Itamar attack

Europeans divided on Israel –

This is Zionism: “”More than 750,000 Palestinians have passed through the Israeli prisons, and at least 6,000 re…

Palestinians, Israelis, Allies Oppose Exploitation of LGBT Rights at Berlin’s International Tourism Fair

COSATU Supports Termination of U. Johannesburg Relations with Ben Gurion U.

Roger Water: Tear down this Israeli wall

PA: Netanyahu using Itamar attack to incite,7340,L-4041622,00.html

Israeli Cabinet Approves Hundreds of New Settlement Apartments

AHAVA rebranding Dead Sea skin care line. New look, SAME OCCUPATION PROFITEERING #BDS

Israeli planes violate Lebanon airspace

Israeli govt approves 500 settler houses in response to Itamar attack’

Itamar: Cypress trees that hid terrorists to be uprooted – Ynetnews

UN officials concerned over new settlements

Checkpoint in Brussels – Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) action 12/03/2011: Palestin…

Geneva conference: 2011 a year for Palestinian women in Israeli jails

DARG Team – We7detna .. Our Unity

Israeli cabinet approves hundreds of new homes for West Bank settlers:

Settlement products seized in Hebron

High alert as settlers commend new building

Solidarity Day in Araqib / Jour de solidarité avec Araqib, Neguev, 12.03.2011

IOA: We must show the world what kind of animals Israel is dealing with: This is IOA animals behave even better in #Palestine #Gaza #IOACrimes

IOA: We must show the world what kind of animals Israel is dealing with:

This is IOA animals behave even better in #Palestine #Gaza #IOACrimes
IOA: We must show the world what kind of animals Israel is dealing with: Who can bear israeli humanright in Gaza? #israeli: Animals behave even more Human:

Who can bear Israeli Human Rights in Palestine:

Israel Refuses Release of Palestinian Prisoner Abu Rahma

Car set ablaze, child injured in settler attacks rocking Al-Khalil

PA slams Israel’s new settlement plan

3 youth arrested in dawn raid on Hara Wosta

AICafe 15.3: Palestinian Political Disunity and Future Directions –Palestinian Legislative Member Luai Abdou

Hamas appeals to Ukraine for return of engineer

PA slams Israel’s decision on settlement expansion: Date 13/03/2011, 13:23 (Jerusalem)

Noam Chomsky: Israel – Servant to US Empire

Noam Chomsky and Jeremy Paxman’s interview in full

Rights group urges Gaza’s Hamas to probe claims it tortured activist – The Canadian Press

Yishai: Israel must build 1,000 new units in settlements for every person murdered haaretz

Israeli Forces Arrest Three Worshippers in al-Aqsa Mosque

Relatives of political detainees call for rally

Armed Jewish settlers savagely attack Palestinians in Hawara

Strict Military Blockade around Jerusalem

Israeli Forces Reimpose Curfew on Awarta

Jewish Settlers Escalate Attacks in Nablus

Resheq: Itamar attack could be homicide

UNRWA sit-in to expand to Gaza from south

Palestinians forgotten in European jails

Gaza govt: Settler attackers may not be Palestinian

Palestine Warns of Israel”s Decision to Build More Settlements

Israel to build settler homes after Palestinian attack

Israel approves settlement construction

15 March- What will happen?

Israeli forces fire alive ammunition in Wadi Hilweh:


Settler attacks against Palestinians escalate

Gilad Atzmon: What About A No Fly Zone for The Palestinians?

Itamar murders: Hunt for terrorists continues; police fear ‘price-tag’ acts,7340,L-4041394,00.html


Settlers torch Palestinian car in Tel Rumeida, Hebron

Israel approves new settler homes

“Muslim” murders “Jews” in Israeli Settlement!




Noam Chomsky – US/ Israeli Crimes Against Palestine

Noam Chomsky On The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Kidnapping Abu Seesi “Zionist piracy”

Settler attacks against Palestinians escalate

Gaza: First wheat deliveries through Kerem Shalom

Jordan bans entry of Israeli settlements’ products

Hamas denies responsibility for Itamar incident

GazaYBO:The leaders have been taken by Hamas forces & questioned/beaten for 4hrs, then released late last night. #Gaza #Mar15

Israel to build more settler homes: Plan for several hundred units in occupied West Bank announced a day after P…

Settlers Attack Palestinian Homes Near Nablus. Attacks Reported In Bethlehem, Hebron and Ramallah

Israel announces huge settlement expansion

Israel OKs settlement construction after West Bank attack

Israel announces huge settlement expansion

Palestinian Popular Committee Response to Itamar Incident

Jews sans frontieres: BDS: A call to the Coens

IDF returns Eritrean refugees to Sinai, in violation of 1951 UN Refugee Convention.

New AIC Video: Women’s Day in Israel

Abu Yazan (leader of @GazaYBO) & Mohamoud AlManiarawi (leader of another youth group in #Mar15) were kidnapped yesterday by Hamas. #Gaza

After 11 years of struggle in court, Jewish settlers are about to take over a room and a yard, leading to the ho…

Israel Okays more settlements in WB

Israeli forces abduct 20 Palestinians for interrogation following murder of settler family

Israeli Massacres on Palestinians

Binyamin Netanyahu calls on world to act after killing of Jewish settlers

Mossad Abducts Director of Gaza Power Plant in Ukraine

Attack aftermath: Settlers block roads, hurl stones,7340,L-4041280,00.html

Gaza’s Palestinian factions rally against internal division – People’s Daily Online

AL ARAKIB MARCH 12 2011 | After 21TH Demolition

Israeli TV: Settlement attack linked to Hamas

Upated: All Israeli Massacres on Palestinians #palestine #zionism @ifamericansknew

Sheikh Raed Salah calls #UN open investgations on #palestine prisoners…

Child Torture : They pissed on him and he got eight months

New: Settler Family Stabbed to Death; Troops Attack Northern West Bank Villages

The village of Awarta face repression from soldiers after attack on settlers

In Palestine, Everything is Relative: The Settler Violence You Won’t Hear About:

Israeli occupation army holds graduation ceremony at Ibrahimi Mosque

How to friend an Israeli soldier

One week old baby amongst those engulfed in the tear gas rained down on Silwan

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