Palestinians forgotten in European jails

[ 13/03/2011 – 10:23 AM ]


JENIN, (PIC)– The Oslo Accords have left many Palestinians forgotten in European jails, Amjad Salfiti, president of the Arab Organization for Human Rights in the UK has told Quds Press.

”Palestinian prisoners in Europe have been forgotten,” Salfiti said. ”The reason is that after Oslo, the [Palestinian] passport has lost its value, as it is a travel document and not an identity. So if a Palestinian is arrested or indicted no one knows if he is Palestinian, and there is no consular protection. The number of Palestinian detainees in Europe cannot be counted, and their conditions cannot be monitored by any official Palestinian party.”

”Because of this condition, a sentenced Palestinian would only be released after serving his sentence doubled. And even when he is released and deported, no one is there to receive him because he doesn’t have an identity. This is what makes any Palestinian prosecuted for any crime serve a life sentence.”

He added that Palestinian prisoners in Europe also include asylum seekers, saying they are placed in detention for long years without trial, and when released they are placed on administrative probation only because they are Palestinians.

Palestinians forgotten in European jails.

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