Five Cars Torched, Awarta Sealed Off as Israeli Crackdowns Continue

PNN – Palestine News Network –  14.03.11 – 16:30

Nablus – PNN – Settler attacks targeting Palestinians escalated throughout the West Bank on Monday, two days after a family of settlers was murdered in the illegal settlement of Itamar in the north.


A shared taxi burned by Israeli settlers near Ramallah (Wafa).

The village of Awarta, which lies directly below Itamar, has been subjected to a general curfew with regular home invasions and at least 20 arrests.

According to the Palestinian Ministry of Education, the four local schools were closed and at least one turned into an interrogation and processing center.

Hassan Awad, a local villager, told PNN that his home was invaded three times in two days.

“Since yesterday, my home was raided three times. They forced the children and the rest of the family into one room. They released police dogs and searched the whole home, ransacking it and turning it upside down. All my things are on top of each other. They also attacked all the other houses in the village under the pretext of terrorist acts.”

The village council head, Qays Awad, said that the village was suffering from a lack of food and medical supplies on account of the blockade. The entire village was recently declared a closed military zone.

“The conditions in Awarta are like this: curfew and a close military zone. The four roads leading to the village, in addition to connecting roads, are sealed off. The situation inside the village is very difficult, there are shortages of food and supplies because the Israeli army is systematically raiding homes and destroying food supplies inside.”

In the village of Jinsafout, near Qalqiliya, settlers torched two cars belonging to Palestinian civilians while settlers took to Palestinian streets in the central West Bank city of Salfit, opening fire at homes and throwing stones at passing cars.

Near the illegal settlement of Bethel, north of Ramallah, settlers torched three cars including a Ford Transit van used to take people between Ramallah and Bethlehem. The owner of the vehicle, Ziad Talib al-Zinati, said he depended on the transport service to provide for his family.

In the southern West Bank, settlers began construction on a new outpost near the village of Juba’a while in al-Baq’a, a village northeast of Hebron, armed settlers supported by Israeli army regulars broke into the home of Abdul Jawad Jaber, causing damage. Jaber told Wafa that his home, which lies near the settlement of Kiryat Arba and the controversial Bypass Road 60, housed 20 family members including children, women, and the elderly.


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