Settlers establish settlement post under night cover in Jabaa village

14/03/2011 – 07:25 PM

AL-KHALIL, (PIC)– Palestinian local sources in Jabaa village, north of Al-Khalil city, reported that a number of Jewish settlers sneaked into Attouf area at night and placed mobile homes on Palestinian lands.

The sources added that the extremist settlers established their settlement outpost under cover of darkness as part of a wave of attacks waged against the Palestinians in retaliation to the killing of settlers in Nablus by unknown persons.

In separate incidents, a Palestinian car overturned on the main road between Halhoul city and Etzion area after Jewish settlers showered it with stones along with other cars travelling on the same road.

Medical sources told the Palestinian information center (PIC) that two Palestinian citizens were injured when settlers attacked Palestinian cars travelling near Al-Aroub refugee camp, north of Al-Khalil.

A Palestinian young man was also slightly injured in similar attacks on cars on the road between Al-Khalil and Tarqumiya town.

They also threw stones at Palestinian homes at the entrance to Beit Ommar town causing damage to some of them.

Jewish extremists also attacked a home east of Al-Khalil inhabited by 30 people and threatened them with death.

Israeli troops along with settlers set up barriers at the entrances to many towns of Al-Khalil and launched from there attacks on Palestinian citizens and property.

Gangs of settlers were also seen rallying near the towns of Beit Awa, Idna and Halhoul and chanting racist slurs against Arabs.

Settlers establish settlement post under night cover in Jabaa village.

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