Transporters suspend sit-in at Karm Abu Salim crossing

14/03/2011 – 09:27 AM

GAZA, (PIC)– Private transportation companies have suspended a sit-in at the Karm Abu Salim crossing that was designed to protest Israel’s closure of the Mintar crossing, known by Israelis as Karni.

They are giving the Supreme Coordination Committee negotiating on their behalf the opportunity to find a solution to problems caused by the crossing closure.

Karm Abu Salim is currently the only crossing open to the tiny enclave of Gaza from Israel.

No trucks had passed over the crossing for two weeks while the sit-in was in effect, but the companies froze the protest because of the ensuing shortage of food inside the Gaza Strip.

Deputy chairman of the private tranportation association Abu Ahmed Shajir told our correspondent that he has given an extra 15 days to negotiators to have transporters’ demands met.

Since the sit-in freeze, operations have been running smoothly at the Karm Abu Salim crossing.

Transporters and traders will take alternative measures if their demands are not met, Shajir said.

Demands include the reopening of the Mintar crossing and an end to the fees imposed at Karm Abu Salim.

”We represent the drivers and have clarified to them that we are suspending the sit-in out of respect for our besieged people and the shortage they are living in,” Shajir said. ”But we cannot freeze it for a long time.”

Chairman of the imports coordination committee Raed Fattouh told our correspondent that no new measures have been taken so far.


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